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The government of today that stole the election from Donald Trump is enjoying their edicts (read Elective Orders), that you are not enjoying anything of except the anticipation that they will pay you either "stimulus" or "reparations" for the evil of the past that none of had anything to with! Take a breath!

You will enjoy it even more when your businesses are either out of business or controlled by the government (read Communists) who will dictate your menu, speech and actions that are politically correct and this may change day to day!

Think not?

History repeats itself and we seem to learn nothing from it!


Because we allowed the subversives and closet Communist...Progressives and outright Communist's to indoctrinate our youth for 3 generations. And what did we allow them to teach? The ideology of the Communism and how wonderful the world will be with it!

But you can't see and what you don't know is that. while you are eeking out a living, have little money to spend, are on all sorts of rations, these leaders of the "REVOLUTION" and their minions are living in luxury in homes and properties that they "Commandeered" for the greater good! How nice Communism is!

Are you really ready to bow down to a master that is nothing but a thug in a three piece suit that make the MAFIA look like kindergarteners!

Good luck with that boys and goyim!

Watch this and if you cannot see the subtleties that is before you in this moment in time then you are beyond help!

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