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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

For more than 200 years the idea and notion that the United States was rooted in Christianity was never challenged. Political offices were filled with a swearing in ceremony using the Bible. Nearly every public meeting began with prayer and pledge of allegiance. Each morning, across America in thousands of schools, the school day started with a prayer.

Crosses were openly displayed in fields, public buildings, in schools and on steeples. The Ten Commandments were prominent in most courthouses and schools, not just the churches. This very fabric of America wove the patterns of behavior, ethic and morals. Christianity permeated our society, our businesses and our actions. Indeed, in 1823 the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled that America was a Christian nation!

America was Declared a Christian Nation

by the Supreme Court in 1892!

And here is their finding:

“Our laws and institutions must necessarily be based on and must include the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible for it to be otherwise. In this sense, and to this extent, our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian.

“From the discovery of this continent to this present hour there is a single voice everywhere making the same affirmation. We find everywhere a clear

recognition of this truth.

After having gone through 87 precedents, the Court said, “We could go like this for a long time. Eighty-seven is sufficient to say that Christ must be the center.”

We were blessed over and over again as a nation, a bastion of freedom, of opportunity and success. Undefeated in war, never a colonizer. Always first to lend aid. We defeated our enemies and restored their dignity, preserved their culture and made them whole again! We were unsurpassed the annuls of civilization.

Christmas was a time of joy and celebration, notwithstanding the commercialism that ate its way into the most pious holiday. Even though rooted in Paganistic Catholicism for the erroneous date of the true birth of The Christ, Churches across the nation were full, nativity scenes were prominently displayed everywhere, including public buildings. Lighted stars were placed on public buildings and in their windows. The strains of Silent Night wafted through the radios, record players and choirs for weeks. America was Christian, it was Anglo-Saxon, Indo-European and it was proud.

The insipid change was always working but manifested itself very clearly in the 1960's. More accurately, in 1964. For those who do not have the benefit of age or not influenced by revisionist history, you are not qualified to challenge or dispute this fact. And here, indeed, are the FACTS!

Thanks to John F. Kennedy, Robert, and, later, our Communist friend Teddy and Lyndon Johnson the Civil Rights movement was legitimized. The Communist adulterer Martin Luther King became the ipso facto icon of the black polarization of America. Long since forgotten is the fact that all citizens of the United States were given equality under the Constitution and it's later Bill of Rights.

The blacks, nor anyone else for that matter, required no further consideration but became the subject of every benefit solely devoted to them; Affermative action, Busing, Quotas, Entitlements, etc.. The busing issue only moderately improved the education of blacks while severely compromising the lot of whites.

SAT standards were relaxed to accommodate the black who does not have the intellectual capacity to achieve what whites are able. That coupled with the educational requirement to move the black along slower to accommodate their learning capability was detrimental to white education especially those who required to go to black schools.

Colleges and Universities were climbing all over themselves to dole out scholarships to these blacks who were accommodated by the lower SAT standards while whites were left out in the cold even with 4.0 GPA's! Unless whites came from a wealthy family. worked one or more jobs or borrowed heavily for their tuition they were left out of the higher learning system because of Affirmative Action and quotas.

Blacks had no such burdens and were pandered to, taught socialist principles of entitlement and graduated under much of the same conditions that got them into college in the first place. They could speak a little more eloquently about their demands on society and their lot in life as a result of whitey's oppression!

Whites were becoming 2nd class citizens in academia, business, media and government. Of course, the white elite were not affected because they were instrumental in bringing about this disparage.

The 1960's were at time of convergence and these were the critical elements of that convergence.

1. The Johnson's administration to begin the destruction of Christian White America by reversing the immigration demographic from 80% white Indo-European, Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic, Scandinavian and 20% all others to 80% people of color and 20% whites. All this promulgated under Ted Kennedy's Immigration Reform Act of 1964. Over the next 45 years this radically changed the social mores and culture of the nation and eroded the values, politics and cities of the nation.

The open border policy adopted shortly thereafter bought millions of uneducated illegal Mexicans and other Latinos into the nation turning inner cities into barrios as they brought their lifestyle and culture into America. They never adopted our language other than to just get by and claimed no allegiance to our nation. They wave the Mexican flag at their rally’s that they regularly hold in the major cities.

2.The escalation of the Viet-Nam "war" by Johnson did more to harm America than any event in recent history, including WWII. Korea was the practice run for America compromising our youth for ambiguous policy and the New World Order agenda. Viet-nam was the final playground killing more than 55,000 of our youth, untold millions of Vietnamese and a returning military wondering what in the world happened! The phony, contrived conflict became evident to any thinking person and it divided the country decisively. Little did anyone know that much of the presence in Indo-China was to assure that the Big Sisters of oil wanted their offshore rights protected and that the heroin traffic trade would be protected. Thus began the serious drugging of America, an agenda of the NWO boys.

3. Madeline O'Hare- As preposterous as at seems now this feminist/atheist petitioned the Supreme Court of these great United States to remove prayer from schools in America......and won! This single act precipitated a series of events culminating in what became the tenet that the 1st Amendment to the Constitution defines "separation of church and state" still, today, used by the talking heads on TV, the judges of the land and most ignorant fool Americans. It is now accepted as fact and if anyone disputes it they are vilified and/or sued. The constitution, for those of you who are too stupid to read it says no such thing. The founding fathers considered no other religion in the entire world except Christianity as our faith in this nation.

4. Tune in, turn on, drop out......Timothy Leary, Robert Kuenstler, Mario Savio, Yoga Maharishi, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Woodstock, Kent State, concerts on the green. Drugs here, drugs there, drugs everywhere. LSD, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, dexidrene, deximel, benzadrine, quaaludes. Wanna get high? Wanna get low? Roach clips, bongs, doobies, lines, a lid, dime pack, nickel pack, kilos, grams, ounces, pounds.

Snort, sniff, shoot up, day trippin‘, spaced out, zoned out, stoned, connection, dealer and that’s just scratching the surface! The decade when we started losing our youth, when the family unit became "me", "mine" and "I"! The drug culture was glorified, worshiped and adored.

It was when business leaders substituted cocaine for champagne celebrating a merger, acquisition or big sale. It was when athletes and celebrities grew their hair long, reneged on their contracts and flaunted their drug use in public. It was hip, cool, it was fashionable. America got zoned out. It was the beginning of the end.

These drugged out losers became the academics, the tree huggers, the environmentalists who hate humans more than animals, the politicians and the lawyers and judges of today. They dictate policy, establish mandates and do everything in their significant power to control every aspect of your life. Laws, regulations, protocols, taxes, Executive Orders, Directives, statutes and entitlements by taking from one productive person and giving to an undeserving other. They became flaming liberals if not outright Marxists!

5. Gloria Steinham - Co- Founder of the national Organization of Women (NOW). A typical Jew who thrives on fomenting conflict and dissension. Jews are the true revolutionaries of the world, the founders of Communism and a host of other anti-white, anti-Christian organizations. The Jew despises all non-Jews as goyim and are only there to exploit the masses for financial gain and to destroy.

It should be apparent to all that the Jew has had thousands of years to master the control of monetary systems, banking, merchandising and media. They are masters of subversion, subterfuge, polarization and conflict. The only group of people who have a cohesive connection worldwide through their Kehilla.

“NOW” seemingly was a benign movement that grew into a sub-culture that worked to destroy the family unit, promote abortion, pit women against men and fostered a wedge in man/woman relationships. Bra burning, male chauvinism and women’s "rights" permeated the language.

Women are taught that they have had enough and they aren't going to take it any more. The "glass ceiling" while largely true, resulted in discrimination lawsuits in the business world (remember, most lawyers are Jews!), claims of sexual harassment for even most of innocent of remarks by men, discontent in the home and women who were told they could have it all.

Women opted to compete in the workplace rather than tend to the family, good bad or indifferent. The landscape of the family in America began to change....for the worse. White women aren't having enough children to grow the white race, much less sustain it. We are dying out and race mixing to our extinction in the foreseeable future. This makes the Jew delight in our demise. The black will shed no tears over this either. They are ignorant to the fact that once we are gone civilization as they know it will go also. The wheels of science, technology and innovation will grind to a halt and these fools will forage for food, walk everywhere in sandals and live in huts after a few short generations!

6. The ACLU was founded by Jews, is populated by Jew lawyers extensively and litigates against the Bill of Rights claiming to "protect" the rights of the people, a typical subversive ploy. The Jew is the merchandiser of words and fabricates new ones that bleed into the language due to their absolute media and publishing control.

They have been solely responsible for removing every vestige of Christianity from the public forum. They are responsible for "hate crime" laws which are now expanded to "thought crimes", always against whites, never the Black, Jew, Mexican or Arab. They litigate and character assassinate only Whites and particularly White Christians who take a stand against their evil causes.

7. Smut- Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione, Hollywood and deviant behaviors depicted every day through their controlled media has desensitized the public more and more each month. Most of the nightly presentations in the movies and television today were considered pornography and prohibited less than 30 years ago. The Jew tells us that we are now enlightened and no longer prudes. Emancipation from our puritan ways. Our youth are so corrupted that they have sex and don't even call it that. Living together with no commitments. Abortions rather than abstention. Drugs, alcohol and rock and roll. If it feels good, do it. Adulation of celebrity and even more so if they go to rehab.

Sex is used to sell everything! One persons pornography is another person freedom of expression. After all , what harm is there in looking, and looking, and looking! Pornography is every bit as addictive as drugs and far cheaper. And who are the purveyors of this filth and seduction? One only has to look at the faces and names of the Producers, Directors, Actors, owners of studios, television stations and companies to know who they are.

And now violence permeates the big screen, television, gaming and the internet. This violence has manifested itself in more crime, discontent and kids killing kids in the streets and schools. No one is responsible for their actions any longer. We attribute anti-social behavior to someone or something else; the environment, the food we eat, genes, drugs and alcohol. Never to the true root cause……..lack of supervision, corporal punishment, lack of love, permissiveness, basic learning and lack of God in their lives.

7. Homosexuality has been with mankind since the beginning. Every culture, race and nationality has their share of it. Not until the last 20 years has this shadow group of individuals taken on a militant flavor and begin to demand "equal rights", largely supported by the ACLU and Hollywood and I’ve already told you who those people are.

The homosexuals are pressing not so much for equal rights but more rights than anyone else. In-your-face-blatant-outrageously-public, man-on-man, woman-on-woman flaunting their lifestyle for all to see. Some view it as a caricature. It is a testimony of the absolute degradation of the moral fiber in America. Our schools legitimize the homosexual lifestyle and encourage it. Our churches have disregarded the admonishments put forth in the Holy Scriptures and many denominations are splitting over this issue, again to the delight of the Jew.

Some place the estimate of homosexual priests in the Catholic Church at more than 30%! True or not it is a fact that various Diocese and the Church-at-Large has paid out billions of dollars compensating victims of priestly sexual abuse and quietly transfer those who commit these transgressions to other parishes to continue their deviant behavior.

8. Prestigious periodicals such as Scientific American, National Geographic, New Science and Discover regularly publish articles or snippets on the "fact" of evolution. They plant the seeds of doubt in those who have others do their thinking for them and give credence to the pseudo-intellectuals who write with alacrity and authority, citing spurious and outright false data and sources. All to promote the idea that there is no God and that there was no grand scheme of Creation. That we are a product of random events having no more value than a lowly gnat.

We have a fringe element that clearly believes that we were planted by alien visitation and they come back periodically to see how their "garden is growing". Still others will plead passionately about Mother Gaia Earth and how "she" suffers with the virus of mankind by us simply being here.

L. Ron Hubbard, Blavatsky and Anton LaVey touted the Ascended Masters and Satanism. All of these movements largely began to get traction in the 1960's.

--------------EVOLUTION IS IMPOSSIBLE!-------------

The Second law of Theromodynamics/Entropy proves it!

Yes, Christianity is under attack in America and ignorant Christians are as much at fault as those forces who work to destroy it. Mega Churches, Televangelists and preachers live like royalty off of their flocks as they expound the prosperity message and driving as many people away as they draw. The Church is totally powerless today as the WAY of Christ has given way to the way of false teaching, false redemption and false salvation.

They spend money on futile efforts, pray to an unhearing God and teach that the Jew is Gods Chosen People. Total lies and delusion. They talk of Armageddon, the Rapture and they know not what they speak. Pass the plate and we'll see you next week. They tolerate all lifestyles, race mixing and homosexuality. If there ever was an argument for our nation and the church being under condemnation by God it is now.

We, as a people, as a nation, as a white race have allowed our government to permit every third world despot to throw their trash into our midst. In our tolerance and acceptance we our looking more like their sewer every day.

ISLAM is the fastest growing religion in Amerika today! With over a billion adherents worldwide it is a force to contend with, and it is a force. It is a Trojan Horse in Amerika today that, with absolute certainty, without fail or equivocation, will be killing Christians and non-believers (infidels) in the streets of our cities. Explosions heard daily in India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Punjab, Afghanistan, Iraq, Spain, Turkey, England, Malaysia, the Philippines and many others will be commonplace here as well. To think otherwise is idiocy.

Yes, we can take some comfort in the thought that, although there are 1400+mosques in the United States today with more being built monthly, the MAYHEM HAS NOT YET STARTED! Until they gain a greater foothold they know that any overt actions against the infidel here will result in the destruction of their mosques and retaliation by the American citizenry. We still own 60 million firearms among us (not me, the Feds took away my 2nd Amendment right!).

However, with the hate crime laws being expanded, racial profiling being attacked by the ACLU, these Muslims can bide their time until they become more numerous, gain a political voice and take to the streets like the Blacks and Mexicans already do. The Muslim will start killing and blowing things up. That's what they do. That's what they have been doing for centuries. That's what they will do here. And not one Muslim will condemn the acts of their fellow Muslim because in their heart of hearts they know that the Qur’an demands this action from the faithful.

Your half-Black President declares to the world that America is no longer a Christian nation but a nation of Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Rastafarians and well, maybe, some Christians.

He embraces all and he, along with his Globalist masters encourage multi-culturalism, diversity and, of course, race mixing! After all, aren't we all just God's creatures? Just the other day your president, for he surely is not mine, embraced the idea of same sex marriage. His actions on a daily basis prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is a dyed in the wool Marxist bent on destroying all that has made America great.

Such is the lot of Christianity and the state of the nation today. Obama-Bin-Most-High-Potentate is right about that fact. We are no longer a Christian nation, once the greatest nation that ever existed. And what's more, the professing Christians of today don't even give a damn. They, alone, have the power to stop the evil in the land but they do not have the will or courage to do it, if they ever had it at all.

Get out of the pew, get off of your couches, get out on the streets. E-mail everyone you know, send letters to the editor, hold town hall and church meetings, advertise in the local papers, vote, shout, speak out.....

Remember this and remember it well: Leon Trotsky, Communist Jew intellect and cohort of Lenin, Marx and Engels probably said it better than anyone, certainly better than any ignorant preacher that spews pap and crap from the pulpit every Sunday.

"The flaw of Christianity is a tragedy of mankind because of the racial incompatibility of Jesus, the Christ, who was not a Jew and Saul/Paul, who was a Jew!"

This Communist knows more about the Bible than most preachers in this country!


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