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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Now, that I am seeing the end far closer than the beginning I contemplate where it is we are really going. Of course we are going to the land of nothing, at least for a moment or two if you believe the Christian Bible, the Preachers, Teachers and Evangelists. Then we go to something called Armageddon, the last battle, WWIII 0r WWIV , where the dead arise, the so-called Saints on earth are "translated" to fight the end of all fights and defeat the enemies of Christ's Chosen! Then, somewhere twixed and tween we have something called the JUDGEMENT where the Lamb Nations are are one side and the Goat nations are on the other as we are judged by GOD! The goats go to a place we certainly do not want to go to and the Lambs go somewhere where there is a Mansion with many rooms.......or is it somewhere else where we are Priests and Kings ruler and reigning over who knows what! Maybe we each get a planet or a galaxy or maybe just a small town in Iowa!

So we are just the beginning of a conundrum. Some go someplace ugly, terrible and stinky, whether Hades, Gehenna, the Pit, Hell or something called the Outer Darkness! Which is it? How bad is bad that determines which way and how far you go, or how hot you will be for eternity? Tell me! So far, no one has been able to tell me. We just know it is going to be really, really bad for those that go there!

Like, wait, read to the end, wait for it like Dante's Inferno? If you haven't read it you need to! He had either an epiphany or an illusion that there were several tiers of hell, each suffering to a greater or lesser degree according to the "sins" or "evil" however bad or worse that the perpetrator committed. From my earthly and simple perspective that makes perfect sense to me.

The Pagan Catholics have something called Purgatory whereby if you pray enough, light enough candles and, lets not forget the money, place enough in the plate or box or tank, you can actually rescind the evilness of the Son-Of-A Bitch in that place called Purgatory. and then they get to go ............where? Everyone who is Catholic that gives tribute to the coffers in their respective stone edifices that are still alive take great pleasure that they are doing something for the greater good for their loved one!

Still, what is really, truly happening to those who have died, are dead and buried and have lost their soul to the unknown and/or their spirit if they had one? Where, oh where has my essence gone, oh, where, oh where did it go???

There is a sect in Jewry that believe that all souls of the dead return to a repository to be placed in newborns. But, now get this, the population of the earth is doubling every few decades lately. It would seem we are running out of souls as we far exceed the numbers that perished before us! Maybe, just maybe that is why we humans are getting worse in the last couple of generations. We are no longer giving or getting souls and God may not be giving spirits to these new generations! Now that would certainly explain the evil that seems to be pervasive in America if not the world today. Something to ponder if you have absolutely nothing else to do while sipping a touch of the grape or mindlessly sinking into the world of mindless reality TV!

Let me think on this more for while and I will update later if it seems worthwhile! At the moment I think I pretty much covered it but, time marches on.

Let not you be thinking that I am mocking God or Jesus, the Christ or anything that is found in our Covenants/Testaments given to us in the Scriptures of Yahweh God. Far from it! His Word will live forever and ever and ever and many of those who fail to believe now may very well come into the fold later. We Believers just hope and pray it is not too late!

Meanwhile, I need to think about this a little more.


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