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My entire career was in manufacturing and production. I loved every minute of it. Sitting? Yes, a few minutes of the day and in a meeting once a week. Home is where I spent a few hours with family having dinner and then going back to work planning for the next week with a slide rule and a machine tabulator. The next day more of the same but when to my manufacturing companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines or Mexico most of those days I slept traveling on airplanes.

Everyone thinks that their “bosses” have it easy, that they don’t care about them and simply use them as a means to an end………just to make a profit and damn the rest!

While that may be true with some I can tell you that I loved my each and every employee from managers to the Janitors most of all! Crazy? No, not at all. Clean facilities make for terrific environment for workers and I loved each and every one of them, seriously, even though most of the several companies that I managed.

To get to the crux of your question, I only “sat” an hour or two during the day to go through production reports, financial statements and reviews.. The rest of the time I walked through my facilities with a 3 X 5 Card and talked to my employees about their issues, problems and concerns and noted them for our next management meeting.. Of course, their Supervisors or Managers would have never brought any of their issues to me in most of the companies I managed. That is why I have been noted to be feared and a bane to every company I have been sent into. I abhor CYA managers and supervisors. Just do your job, be fair and competent and we will get along fine. Otherwise you are gone, gone., gone!

My reputation always precede me. First, I get rid of the “dead wood:, ie, non producers, usually in some sort of non-production arena in management who got by with Bull Shit and never created or produced anything. That fixed 20% of most of my problems.

Next, I looked at how product was manufactured and who was doing what and why. I had to weed out another 20%. Now we are getting serious about making a product for profit, regardless of the product.

Next we look at Marketing who, supposedly are the gurus about the future where we concentrate our resources and capital to produce our product for the masses. They are wrong 80% of the time by quantity, product and what is really required to beat our competition! That is why I am vilified by the powers in the company but left to prove my point over time. In the end I killed more companies than were worth saving.

However, those that were viable over the long term which we supported we made a ton of money when we either merged, went out on an IPO or, at the worst got investors to take the company to another level in technology!

Now, my prior career has been a charter to build every sort of electronic device and component plus make the equipment that can contribute to that. I spent 45 years of my life to contribute to that in one way or another. More to the point……..

Sitting? Yeah, a little. Compared to what? I loved the walk around in my companies talking to each and every employee so that I got to every on of them over time, and sometimes it took a week or two. But they who I was and knew them.

Sooooo, you got more than you asked for. I hated sit down jobs in my youth and love them in my twilight years now. Mentally I can do what I did for decades but no more never more until I get my youth back which we both know will never happen!.

Thanks for letting get maudlin for a minute or two!

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