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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

We Caucasians are a group of Tribes and believe it or not or like it or not we are the literal descendants of the ancient Tribes of Israel. This can be proven in many different ways but the easiest is for you, dear reader, to go to my You Tube presentations which, woven into most of them, are facts which can be clarified for your edification.

So then, who re those roaming the earth claiming to be Jews and some 7 million of them occupying a land mass in the Middle East called Israel? 99% of them can lay no claim to being from lineage of the Israelites of old with the exception of those who knowingly or unknowingly married into the family of true Israelites. This to fortify their gene pool because those of non-Israelites calling themselves "Jews" are susceptible to over 13 diseases that non-Jews cannot contract!

Why is there such a hatred and disparagement of Whites today? This has been manifesting over the last 50 years by the educators, media, elitists and globalists even though most of them are White! A conundrum unless one is to look deeper into the motivations of these anti-White people and groups.

Whites have created civilizations and invented the creature comforts that the world enjoys today. We have leaped forward in technology and made the most beautiful music in the world. The cacophony blaring from IPods and radios and TV are an affront to the ear unless your mind is dulled by drugs and alcohol. The Internet, once a great way of communicating across the globe has become a pornography system where the youngest to the oldest can illicit the most liscentious images and demeaning of women unimaginable prior to its invention.

So what we have created as good others have turned into evil and ugly. It is an affront to all that we hold dear and true. Our faith, our families, our homes, our country and even our government, as long as it served We, The People and not Special Interests.

We Whites are hated because we are the shining lamp on the hill, even though academia and other forces have worked diligently to belittle and denigrate us for perceived prior "sins!" None were alive and revisionist history lends credence to the lies that are gobbled up by the unsuspecting youth who sat and sits under their tutelage! One must go the Communist Manifesto, The Prince, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Gramsci, Fabian Institute, Alinsky and many others that spawned insurrections, revolutions, discontent, rebelliousness, hatred and self loathing.

Whites may be more compliant than they were in the past but not so much so that we will allow the destruction of our country and our faith. We are smarter, even more clever than our enemies because we have the God genome within us. We are eager to please, always there to assist, slow to anger, and benevolent. Yet when we are pressed too far, and we are very close to it now, we are the most violent of peoples on the planet. No, not by hurting the innocent or even the dissidents, but by organizing into a fighting machine, together or acting separately as to bring hell on earth to those who strive to destroy us or our way of life.

The Commie Left has been doing it to us or years with smiles, demagoguery, subtleties and flat our repeated lies accusing we Whites of everything that they do every day! Clever beasts these animals are. And like any rabid animal they need to be put down. Put down with such clarity and force to dissuade others not to follow in their path!

More on our Israeli history later!

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