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Crimes and Punishment MMXIII: How the Feds Conspire to Screw You!

by R. Vincent Bert (Pseudonym),

This publication will provide the most comprehensive information that you will need as a citizen about to be indicted or already arrested by the Federal Government.

The author has conducted more than 1000 hours of research into Criminal Law, Citations, Appeals and procedures and interviewed more than 200 convicted felons in various State and Federal Criminal Justice jurisdictions.

Their charges run the gamut from white collar "crimes," "drug "kingpins," distributors/users/manufacturers, assaults, felon in possession, bank robbery, mail and wire fraud, tax evasion, murder and many more. He has authored over 150 articles and newsletters on a variety of subjects, many related to government shenanigans and abuses.

This is but another exposing the Criminal Justice System of The Department of Justice primarily related to THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES v. JOHN Q. PUBLIC (you). Some information will be applicable to charges brought about by the State in which you were charged but the preponderance will be related to charges brought about by the Federal Government against you.

This is the definitive guide through the legal minefield that you will find daunting by any standard of measure if you have never been subjected to it. Justice is not blind and the deck is stacked in this game.

The United States Government is all powerful, unforgiving and unrelenting in their pursuit of "justice!"

They will extract their pound of flesh and attempt to destroy you financially at every opportunity. (less)

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