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The Left has had 4+ years of deceit, accusations, innuendo and flat out treason to assure the election of their CHOSEN whoever it may have been. They are breaking open the champagne, snorting lines of white powder, high fiving and back slapping each other for the win in November! This is their wet dream come true, especially with their demented and senile choice of temporary President. Biden won't last a year, Kamala will take over and the Left will go into more orgasms as they fulfill their lifetime dream of a Communist controlled government. We forget that at the peak of the Soviet Union under Lenin, Stalin and the rest only 10% of all Russians were card carrying Communists. The rest were ruled with an iron fist by the 10%!

America has reached a turning point in our history. At no time since the Civil War in 1863 has this country been so divided. What with the media in cohorts with the Commie Left we Free Thinkers must look for truth and share it however and whenever we can. The only hope is not "unity" and the Left cries for. They were as contrite and obstinate as any group could be during Trumps Presidency! They hated him and anyone who liked him. They made this abundantly clear each and every minute of every day. And now they have the unmitigated gall to call for "unity!" Like hell! Like never!

The only way America can be saved from these thugs is to create chaos against them at every turn and every day or, better, in the still of the night. They threatened us in the cities each night in the lead up to the election with looting, burning, intimidation and more and the Democratic Left in power did nothing to stop or mitigate these animals. Black Lives do NOT matter any longer. They have allowed the small minority of them to run amok and destroy 75 years of a better and better relationship with everyone else. BLM has taken that all away. More corruption and chaos and as Rahm Emmanuel once said while serving under another Commie, Obama, never let a crisis go to waste. And they haven't! Corruption here there and everywhere!

The Supreme Court, even presented with unimpeachable proof, denies the truth and rejects all states and attorneys who presented evidence of the voting corruption in at least 5 states (probable much more) proving that the corruption runs deep and throughout the government! We are doomed unless we take an active role in ridding ourselves of these vipers! We have sat silently by for far too long. We have been told to "obey" because of a virus. We will continue to be told to "obey" for a long time to come and not just about the virus. We will be told to "shut up!" We will be told when to work and where we can go. And the masses who are mostly asses will obey and hunker down like scared rabbits hiding from the wolves while more and more of our freedoms are taken away.

Remember this always. The government cannot grant freedom, it can only take it away. They will whittle away at them just a bit at a time and as you accept what they allow they will whittle away some more. Rome wasn't built in a day but it took a far shorter time to destroy it! The parallels are nearly the same. Circus and bread for the masses then while we get TV and stimulus to placate the masses. Expanding the empire sparing no cost then while we spend trillions for decades imposing our will on cultures that are thousands of years old in the sandbox of the Middle East! Who benefits? Who is watching the watchers? When will it end? It will not end well at forst but the Republic can be restored!

Again, in the still of the night, one at a time!

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