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If you have served prison time on multiple occasions for criminal activity you may or may not find the information herein useful. You are cognizant of the system that you already know and the great risk that you face!

For those who are newbie’s and perhaps had simple misdemeanor charges of traffic or some other minor offense brought against you this is a vital publication. Remember.....Laws are made to be broken. When there aren't enough criminals we make them! Who wants a nation of law abiding citizens? There is nothing for anyone in that. Passing laws that can neither be observed, enforced or objectively interpreted creates a nation of lawbreakers and then the powers that be can cash in on the "guilt"!

In Constitutional Chaos written by former Judge Andrew Napolitano he states the following:

Ÿ"The Government prosecutes individuals it knows is innocent, seizes property from unwilling and unsuspecting citizens and “flips it” to curry favor! The Government lies, cheats and steals to enforce its own laws, yet does not obey the law itself. The Supreme Court no longer upholds the tenets of law or the Constitution. The Supreme Court condones deceit and lies and misrepresentation of facts by Law Enforcement to arrest and charge any person, guilty or not! 'Custody' is an issue that the Courts use to determine whether questioning requires Miranda or not. Custody, like Intent or Conspiracy mean whatever the Prosecutor or Courts want it to mean, always in their favor"!

This is from a Judge who spent many years on the bench!

Ÿ The Law is not about TRUTH. It is about negotiation, amelioration and manipulation!

Ÿ The Law is not about guilt or innocence!

Ÿ The Law is not about Justice!

The Law is simply about winning or losing!

One only has to look at the CRIMINAL JUSTICE “SYSTEM” to see a multitude of employment opportunities; Lawyers, Judges, Prosecutors, Assistant Attorney Generals, Paralegals, Clerks, Corrections Officers, Marshals, Police, Sheriffs, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Food Services, Politicians, Jailers, Investigators, Accountants, Researchers, Probation and Parole

Officers, and many, many more! Consider this in the Federal Criminal Justice "system"......................................

Attorney General is paid by the U.S. Government U.S. Attorney is paid by the U.S. Government

Prosecutor is paid by the U.S. Government

Investigators are paid by the U.S. Government Clerks are paid by the U.S. Government Paralegals are paid by the U.S. Government Secretaries are paid by the U.S. Government

YOUR FEDERAL PUBLIC paid by the U.S. Government!

Judges are paid by the U.S. Government........appointed for life! Judges clerks are paid by the U.S. Government Court reporters are paid by the U.S. Government Marshals are paid by the U.S. Government Probation officers are paid by the U.S. Government

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE/TREASURY FBI is paid by the U.S. Government ATF is paid by the U.S. Government DEA is paid by the U.S. Government

YOUR LAWYER……………….…PAID BY YOU! Think about it! Your Government has unlimited funds, resources and time while you spend upwards of $250.00 each and every hour your lawyer even thinks about your case. You may be allowed to "bail out" awaiting disposition of your case. Unless you can pay the full bail you can pay 10% if you have assets or equity for a bondsman to cover the rest. You will, however lose that 10% forever! If you cannot afford bail you will be incarcerated in some detention facility for up to two years before disposition of your case where you be separated from your family, friends and will very likely lose your job.

If you have State charges brought against you rather than Federal charges there are some differences on how your case may be processed. For instance, a State charge will always result in a Preliminary Hearing unless this is waived by you. The Preliminary hearing is sometimes called a Probable Cause Hearing and is the best opportunity to have the charges dropped and the case dismissed with prejudice (the government cannot re-file the same charges). Failing this first test will nearly always have results in moving into the process of mounting a defense. Most states will not bring an indictment against you but will have a Preliminary Hearing after

your Arraignment. . Of course, this cannot possibly cover every nuance of the law, the legal process or every possible option that you may have to defend yourself nor is it designed to. Suffice it to say that you will find ample information here to make an intelligent decision on how you might want to proceed with your case.

It is important for you to understand that a “criminal” is simply anyone, but anyone who has broken the law. For example, jaywalking against a red light is against the law. By definition then, you are a criminal if you jaywalk. If you speed five miles over the speed limit in your vehicle you are a criminal. So criminals aren’t always robbers, murderers, child molesters or bank robbers. You, however, can easily be broad brushed with the stigma of being a “serious criminal” for merely being charged with a felony, no matter how minor.

The various Cities, States, Federal Government, United States Territories, Statutory Authorities have passed more than 25,000,000 (that’s twenty five million) laws which exist today literally!

Should the government authorities wish to prosecute you, you could very well find yourself in the near helpless, hapless situation trying defend yourself against overzealous prosecutors, and judges who likely share their desire to have you fined, imprisoned and placed on probation Probation is not likely in the Federal “System” until a release from prison custody.


1980 vs 2010 Change

Population of U.S.A 227 million 301 million +30 %

PRISON POPULATION States 305,000 1,800,000 +500%

Federal 24,300 202,000 +900%

TOTALS 329,300 2,102,000 +700%

Source: New York Times Almanac

Nearly very agency of the United States Government has significantly reduced employees from 1980 though 2010 except one. The Department of Justice has increased by 100% , from 56,300 to more than 125,000! Some is attributable to the threat of terrorism, however, terrorist arrests in the U.S.A. or abroad are negligible compared to other “criminals“ arrested in the United States; less than 1%! In other words, the Department of Justice has more than doubled to handle our new breed of criminal since the Reagan Administration which began to criminalize minor street crimes and begin THE WAR ON DRUGS in earnest!

WASHINGTON POST - WASHINGTON- The number of people under supervision in the nation's criminal justice system rose to 7.2 million in 2006, the highest ever, costing states tens of billions of dollars to house and monitor offenders as they go in and out of jails and prisons.:

According to a report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 2 million offenders were in either jail or prison in 2006, the most recent year studied in an annual survey. An additional 4.2 million, were on probation, and nearly 800,000 were on parole. A total of 10 million have been released who have served time for drug related charges

The cost to U.S.Government, about $45 billion, is causing states such as California to reconsider harsh criminal penalties. To relieve overcrowding, California is now exporting some inmates to privately run corrections facilities as far away as Tennessee.

''There are a number of states that have talked about an early release of prisoners deemed' non-threatening," said Rebecca Blank, a senior fellow ill economic studies at the Brookings Institution, a centrist think tank. ''The problem just keeps getting bigger and bigger. You're paying a lot of money here. You have to ask if some of these high mandatory minimum sentences make sense."

Today, in 2021 we see no bail implemented in many cities. Criminals are let free without serving any time except maybe an overnight stay in a jail. We are so close to Anarchy you can almost smell it!

The bureau's report comes on the heels of a Pew Center on the States report showing that 1 percent of U.S. adults are behind bars, a historic high. The United States has the highest number of people behind bars in the world, according to the Pew report. (By any standard of measure!)

Black men, about 1 in 15, were most affected, and Hispanics, 1 in 35, were heavily represented among offenders. The number of women in prison "rose faster in 2006 than over the previous five years," mostly in Hawaii, North Dakota, Wyoming and Oklahoma, the Bureau of Justice Statistics report said.

In 1980, about the time that tough sentencing laws, particularly for drug offenses, began to be passed by federal and state legislators, 1.8 million people were in the “system” and $ 1 billion was spent on corrections ..

"It's really like a runaway train," said Ryan King, policy analyst for the liberal Sentencing Project. "Nobody's taking a step back and asking where all these billions of dollars are going:" With so much overcrowding, King said, states "need billions of dollars to build enough beds to catch up to where they need to be." Defenders argue that the rise in the prison population means that more dangerous-criminals have been taken off the streets.

"If you .look at the fact that these are people who are committing a crime, creating a danger to the can't look at it as wrong," said Scott Thorpe, chief executive of the California District Attorneys Association. ''What is the appropriate number of people to be incarcerated to ensure public safety? I don't know if you can answer that."

(I can: 30% of all prisoners have been convicted of non-violent crimes, victimless crimes and present no harm to society in any way. That number is well over 200,000 inmates!)

State contracts with private prisons to house offenders grew by 6 percent, or about 6,000 inmates, the report said. Nearly 104,000 state and federal prisoners were in private institutions in 2006. Citizens are being indicted, arrested, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned for “crimes” that never were prosecuted or even existed 50 years ago! White collar, “Victimless and Drug Crimes represent more than 70% of all arrests in the United States!

The United States of America is a Corporation! Every citizen is an “asset” to the United States Corporation beginning at birth. In theory, the Corporation of the United States of America has no jurisdiction outside the limits of Washington D.C.. Yet, over time, the Corporation of the United States of America has infringed upon the property, rights and life of its’ citizens and States without so much as a whimper. Also, in theory, the Corporation of the United States of America can only sue anyone by Tort Law because they are a Corporation. They should only be able to charge anyone with CRIME within the limits of Washington D.C.!

The Corporation of the United States of America, through charade and a number of other subterfuges brings Criminal and Statutory Criminal charges against more than a quarter of a million citizens each and every year! These are bought through Federal Grand Jury indictments, arrests made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Department of Treasury (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives {ATF}) and a whole plethora of other agencies including local law enforcement. The U.S.A. Corporation creates high theater by claiming that they have the authority and power to circumvent their own laws to arrest and prosecute its’ citizens. By virtue of the fact that they do this every day gives credence to their nefarious acts. Remember this, any act or statement left unchallenged or unopposed becomes fact under law and tacit permission to continue!

The U.S.A. Corporation has been bankrupt since the 1930’s and is now controlled by the “Trustees” of the bankruptcy, International Bankers. These International Bankers forced the implementation of the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD or CENTRAL BANK upon the Congress of the United States in 1913. What has this got to do with you? EVERYTHING!

Nearly all Charges brought by the Federal Government against you come from a U.S. Attorney who presented evidence to a Grand Jury. In nearly every instance the Grand Jury is a rubber stamp for the U.S. Attorney. Those instances where a Grand Jury will not bring back a “True Bill” leading to your arrest or formal charges being brought against you are so rare as to non-existent! There are more than 25,000,000 laws that the government can enforce at their choosing. Worse yet, the Congress of the United States makes more than 3,000 laws each and every year, most of which no-one has ever heard of. Granted, most are not related to Criminal Law but many are. Even the lawyer that you may eventually hire may not know anything about the law under which your charges have been brought. You will be paying him to research your charges and the law to mount a defense before he can even start to help you.

Ÿ 97% of all Indictments lead to a conviction one way or another!

THERE ARE 2,300,000 PERSONS SERVING A PRISON SENTENCE AS YOU READ THIS! 200,000+ are in one of the 114 Federal prisons located throughout the United States. There are more than 350,000 waiting for disposition on their cases. The remainder are in State facilities ranging from Detention centers to County jails to State prisons.

ŸThere is no longer Parole in the Federal prison system. Every convicted felon must serve at least 85% of their sentence. They can get even more time than that if they lose any or all of their 15% good time allocated upon the date of start of sentence imposed. The prisons are burgeoning with convicted felons due to the Sentencing Guidelines and Mandatory Sentences required under the old law. We are not only a nation of laws but a nation of criminals what with the new laws created by Congress, overzealous Prosecutors and the Sentencing guidelines imposed by the High Priest Judges! States still have a Parole program. It is possible for an exemplary inmate to serve less than half of their sentence under a State conviction.

There are 10,000,000 convicted felons already released from prison who have served their time on some sort of drug charge. There are another 4,000,000 released convicts on probation or parole for other charges, not drug related! One in thirty (1 in 30) Americans either are in prison or have been in prison. The number will get larger every year! 30% of these have committed victimless “crimes” with no foul, no harm to persons, property or assets. Only 4% of Appeals on convictions are remanded back to the lower court for review. Some of those remanded back to lower court even result in a harsher sentence being than originally imposed! The Supreme Court receives thousands and thousands of Appeals each year. The Court reviews a mere 80 or so. A chance that your Appeal might be heard is likely to be nil.

The President of the United States has the power to pardon or commute a convicted felons sentence. Interestingly, he cannot pardon anyone until they have been released for five years. He can, however, commute anyone’s sentence while that person is still serving his/her sentence. Thousands of prisoners and released felons have petitioned the President to have their sentences pardoned or commuted. In any Presidential term the most that have acted been acted upon by a sitting President is less than 600, and most only pardon a couple of hundred!

These facts are not meant to discourage you!

By the time that you finish with this you will be able to better understand how you might win your case, or at the very least, lower fees, costs, time and sentence. As you proceed through this guideline you will find information not normally found in such a publication. At times it may not seem to follow any particular order. In the end, however, a full cohesive understan Remember, nothing more will affect your life than being caught up the Federal Criminal Justice System!


(Constitution and Bill of Rights- an illusion)

“The United States is a nation of laws.” We have heard that many times throughout our lives. You will find as you read on that we are most certainly a nation of laws, more than we can possibly obey! The United States Government passes more than 3,000 laws per years as noted earlier. Many are designed, not so much to protect us from others, but to infringe more and more on our rights as citizens. In the course of time many laws were passed by Congress to target specific individuals, groups or type of crime to stem the tide of violence, corruption or fraud. The National Firearms Act of 1934, 26 U.S.C. §5845 came about as a result of the so-called Italian mafia’s violence over protecting territories and maximizing profits. The “sawed off shotgun” and machine gun became illegal at the same time because it could be easily hidden in a trench coat or jacket with ballistics that are nearly impossible to trace.

Later, other laws came about such as RICO and certain Internal Revenue Service codes to bring down Criminal Enterprises The IRS is a private entity which operates under the color of law and has a code of STATUTES which the Government has illegally given them. The IRS has full authority of investigation and arrest of any citizen that they suspect has violated their Statutes. The IRS operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of Treasury and works hand and glove with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and now Explosives who also reports to the Department of Treasury.

The list is unending. Law libraries in every university offering law degrees has buildings that are chock full of law books, cases, rulings of courts, precedence’s, appeals and a whole plethora of legal mumbo jumbo. These writings govern our lives each and every day and literally puts each and everyone of us at risk of being a criminal. There are, of course, needs for new laws having to deal with new technologies and potential harm from new products, processes and other issues never addressed before. But more and more “Criminals” are created with the passage each and every year of new criminalizing laws. As the prison population has grown ten fold over the last 20 years it would seem that we have ten times the amount of “criminals” than we did 20 years ago.

This can be attributed to three very important causes.

1. Laws have been passed since the Reagan Administration which have “criminalized”

many street crimes that were once considered misdemeanors or low grade felonies.

These citizens are now being sentenced to Federal prison.

2. Mandatory Sentences and later Sentencing to the “Guidelines” have created a

growth industry for the prison systems across America as convicted felons spend

more time in prison and more others become incarcerated.

3. Parole has been eliminated from the Federal System. Parole often allowed

convicted felons to serve as little as 50% of his time before release to Probation.

Now, every convicted felon must serve 85% of his sentence compounding prison

crowding and incarceration rates.

Still, Congress passes more and more laws, pressing the limits of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which have clearly been re-defined by the Courts in America and the Supreme Court itself! The Rights of John Q. Citizen that our grandparents enjoyed no longer exist for you today.

When one considers how much time a Congressman spends in Washington D.C. actually doing any work the Congressman actually has just enough time to read any bill for 30 minutes! Most of these bills are more than 500 pages long! His non-elected staff actually does all of the work formulating law, adding the earmarks and pork.

Corporations, Wall Street Bankers and Brokers have pillaged the United States economy with near impunity! These “White Collar Crimes” will never, as a whole, even see a courtroom, much less a prison sentence unless the Government takes a token few for show.

After all, these Corporate executives and bankers are largely responsible for the election of our Congressmen, Senators and even the President! They represent some of the largest Lobbyists in Washington, wining and dining our elected and making certain that their agendas are carried out. Moreover, our unelected who run everything behind the scenes, including the NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations), who survive all elections and stay throughout several administrations, create all of the Laws to protect their interests and eliminate their competition. Who funds much of the campaigns of our elected? Who provides perks, vacations and siphons money into the secret bank accounts of our elected and their families? Of course it the Bankers and Brokers on Wall Street and large Corporate Government Contractors and the Media.

No one elected to office ever left office poorer than he went in, that’s all you need to know! Occasionally, the Feds will Indict and Arrest a few sacrificial lambs during any term to give John Q. Citizen the impression that our elected are not immune from the law as they are accused of “misconduct” or taking “bribes”. The Government will, from time to time, go after the unelected “advisors” and lobbyists who have given bribes, gratuity and other benefits to curry favor from Congressmen. Just as the Feds will do the same with Crime “Kingpins” which get widespread media coverage while our corrupt officials blithely continue to pass more laws to reduce our freedoms even further. But if you (John Q. Citizen) write a bad check or file a tax return with errors and the Government decides that it wants to make a case against you they will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

Federal Prisons have a sizable population of those who have committed financial crimes. Of course the law may have been broken but the sentences are far askew of the “crime” committed, thanks to the Lawyers and their staff in Congress who create these laws and the Department of “InJustice” who designs the sentences! The Federal Government does not want John Q. Public, especially Joe Six Pack, screwing around with the money.

The United States Government regularly violates its own laws with impunity. Laws are passed by Congress which violate the spirit and intent of the Constitution. Actions taken by Government officials, Government Law Enforcement and Government employees violate the law every day. The daily news constantly reminds us of the crime and corruption prevalent in Government, both State and Federal. Very few Government employees or officials are prosecuted for these “indiscretions”! Those that are given more than a modicum of attention to make the public believe that the Government is not above the law. A few sacrificial lambs are thrown to the lions to make an example of them, while the entire system is corrupt through and through.

Watch for Part Two

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