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By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-4-70

Along about the middle of September, shining out of the sky from beyond the darkened areas of the moon came ships on the move. People watched them expand and grow in size. And from the various observatories which they passed it was estimated that they were moving about 1,500 to 2000 miles per hour. They saw these fleets high up over the mountains of Colorado. And these moving lights swerved and turned to the north and dipped down over a high ridge, and no one saw them again. This was the beginning about two weeks after that the announcement came out that we had landed some flying saucers, created by the U. S. of America which had been making a unique study of these so called flying Saucers. And that this had been a very closed operation, concerning our areas of defense.

Well we had had certain information as to whether this had transpired in this manner. We discovered that there was a high plateau somewhere in Colorado that was the area of these secret sightings. We discovered that this project was conducted at one time under the chairmanship of Col. Lindbergh, who was in the Air Force. But one thing that he demanded was that there would be no Jews in this work which he was conducting. He suggested that if you brought the Jews into the operation that they would always be suspect as spies of the Soviet Union.

Of course there was quite a clamor over this for they said but this is the United States and we cannot discriminate against anyone. Well then Col Charles Lindbergh then said:---If this cannot be then I do not want the job. He said----remember when the Atomic secrets were taken and then given to the Soviet Union. It is the feelings then that if you include the Jews in this project all facts will be sent to the Soviet Union. Just as it was before, as it was done 100% by the Jews except for Elizabeth Bentley who was married to a Jew.

Now; we do not know all there is to know about this, but we know that is how it started out. But we do know that the U.S. government was studying about these flying objects. More than this ---since 1948 flying saucers have been seen flying over the united States. They have been seen flying over the high places such as Mount Hood, in Washington state. They have been seen flying in formation over parts of Utah, and over New Mexico. And they have been reported as flying at 4000 miles per hour. They have been photographed and all of this has been reported by the people as something they were seeing. At the same time something was going on. The U. S. Government would come out and interview someone who had seen some of these U.F.O. and then tell the person that they did not see anything. They would say that they saw a weather balloon, or something that came from a cloud, or something like that, but they would deny that there was anything like that visible. Always they would explain this away, but the people who were seeing something were not satisfied with the explanation. And some people were not at all satisfied with this explanation for they had seen such things moving across the sky. Thus the people were more and more becoming convinced that these were crafts maybe from outer space or from other areas, having landed on the earth.

So for 20 years we have had the government arm investigating the flying saucers, and saying there is nothing to this story they are seeing stars on the move, or other things which explain the situation but there are no flying saucers. They were maybe swamp gas, or weather balloons, which people saw quite clearly. There were however photographs, and we did some of this ourselves and we knew what we saw. We photographed a whole fleet of them coming down in Owens valley in California, one after the other. We could see them, and we knew they were circular objects, and they had a slight color. But we did photograph them and no one was going to tell us that they were weather balloons moving in formation. And we do not have much swamp gas here in California. But anyhow this was just a part of that strange situation. These were ships not too unlike those described by Ezekiel. As He writes about this, saying that ---Behold a great whirling object came out of the north, and it unveiled itself unto him. And there was a shimmering quality of light about the crafts. And in the midst of this bright light were living creatures. And one of the living creatures got out of the craft. But when the creatures got back in the craft, they flew away. And Ezekiel said that there were great circular wheels that went all around the objects. In other words the discs were perfectly round, and they were referred to as wings for this was the only things that moved that the craft possessed that he saw. Ezekiel described it and then the translators had a time describing what Ezekiel saw. But after all when they were translating the King James version they did not understand what Ezekiel was telling them. Today they would call it a flying saucer but back then they were talking about ---how could a thing have round wings. And have windows all round it, then how about living creatures. That was a hard thing for them to translate. But they talked about them, how these crafts came, some of them single and some in formation. And how they moved at terrific speeds, and how they roared like a giant waterfall. And how at times they could become invisible to those people, who were watching them.

And they said that these living creatures had the appearance of men, as they traveled inside of these crafts, and that they moved across the sky with the speed of a flash of lightening.

Now; that is just like a flying saucer. For when some of these move across the sky at 3000 or higher speeds per hour they are moving fast. And that is what Ezekiel said they looked like at that time. But Ezekiel also tells you that he saw them and that they finally came down on the plain of Shinar. He may have been frightened but he was also curious, and he went out to look at it. And as he stood there looking at it then out of one of those crafts they opened up a door and took a throne out.

And Ezekiel was right there on the spot and he saw this happen. And Ezekiel then fell on to his knees before this one on the throne. But YAHWEH SAID:----Come Ezekiel stand up I want to talk to you. I am going to tell you what you are going to do. And the message that you are going to give to the children of Israel. I am going to tell you as to all of these things that you are going to do. And of course Ezekiel gets to ride in one of these saucers. They take him around and he gets to know what it is like to ride in one of these chariots of the Most High.

This was just like the crafts that the Most High rode in when he came to deliver the Children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. His craft was one of them that hovered above them by day and by night. And it was this kind of crafts that came when he delivered the law unto Moses. And inside of the scriptures it tells you that YAHWEH CAME WITH TEN THOUSAND OF HIS SAINTS, HIS BELIEVING OFFSPRING WHEN HE CAME TO DELIVER THE LAW UNTO MOSES, and he flew over mountains and came down then on Mount Sinai. And after delivering the law then the crafts went away. And we find that this was not a single operation, for thousands of the people of the Most High came with HIM at that time. But people have not paid much attention to this fact that back in those years that the Most High came in. He sailed over Mount Payran and then settled down on mount Sinai. In fact I doubt that there is a minister in all the Christian churches would tell you that the LORD came in with great crafts, with the Saints (believing offspring) of the Most High, and sailed over those mountains. In fact they probably don't think that God came all of this way. They probably think that he was on the mountain and he handed Moses the law and that was all there was to the story. But we see these things now transpiring in the sky and we then read that God came with this great host out of the heavens.

Thus Angels or messengers came and went out of the heavens in these great space craft. And then we read that on the mount of transfiguration that Christ was there and was manifested. And that two men stepped out of this same cloud, and told the disciples that this same Christ would return as they had seen HIM go. All of these things are in the scriptures but people have ignored them, and not understood them, thus this helps to make an area of confusion. But now as they see some of these things coming to pass, they are beginning to search the scriptures.

But I will tell you something. You do not find many things today that you do not find listed in the scriptures. And today you find that the scripture contains most of these facts.

Of course we had the confirmation of the government all of the time that there was absolutely nothing to this flying saucer business. But all of the time in Washington the experts, and scientists were studying the reports that were coming in. They were getting reports that these ships were being seen, and that they were manned, and they moved at tremendous speeds. And people were wondering just who was driving those crafts for to them this was a real sighting. There was something there that they did not understand, and the whole thing moved with such speed. Surely our government had not found the answer to the flying saucers speed. But what was the truth.

The people were told that the government was studying this, but the whole world was watching for the Soviet Union was also studying and working on this mystery of the flying saucer. Both had been so working since W.W.II. We thought that they were maybe from the Soviet Union and they thought that they were ours, and at the same time no one wanted to admit that the secret of the flying saucer had been solved.

German scientists were working with the U.S. Government and those taken into Russia were working for that government, but also hoping for the best for the west. Both were working on solving the power for these flying saucers, for some veracity which would move the ships at the speed of light. And protect the men who flew them at the same time.

Of course the German scientists had come up with the metro-magnetic force, and then American scientists working with the Germans who had come over here had also mastered this force. And they had also found a way to measure the distance between solar systems. And they found that there was always a force back and forth between the earth and the sun. And also between the earth and the moon. And they also found that there was energy from the orbits that could be translated into energy and power. But they have not quite figured out how to package all of this energy and apply it to practical use.

Now; we well understand now that magnetic force is of a different nature. But in their laboratories they have worked on this mystery until they have been able to move these crafts that we have built. Well this project was set up high in the mountains of Colorado. And we understand that they worked on different types of ships and finally there emerged a type of flying saucer, that would move at a fast speed, say over 2000 miles per hour. We do not know too much about it but we do know that they came out a few weeks ago and said that these pictures of these flying saucers had emerged as the product of a military adventure, and the most important project that we had engaged in for a long time. But it was still to be top secret, but they now knew how it moved and how to operate it.

So we read this report and we thought that the next day the news would be full of this story. But the next day there was no mention of this.

But I want to tell you that to begin with then Col. Lindbergh did not want to head this work if they were going to let the Jews in. But now they are going to have the Jews in on it or all hell will blow up. But of course since Col. Lindbergh left the project then of course we believe that they had been in on it at least enough to find out what is going on. And then the Soviet Union will have the secret and the pattern. Anyhow this is one of the great and wonderful developments of our times.

Now; we know this and that also it was only nine months ago that the government wanted all of the records of the reporting on this subject. They wanted all of the records and information for these were flying objects that were coming from outer space, and they wanted all of the information they could get on this subject.

So every month there had been reports of seeing these ships and this informant was being brought out.

Now; we understand that the Soviet Union is frantic. They sent out the information that they have discovered the secrets of the flying saucer. And more than this they say that they have had under observation some of these crafts, far longer than it took for us to develop this flying saucer. But the government wants all of the information they can get as they ponder if all of these flying saucers are from the United States.

Well, we have been very much interested in this subject, and also as it comes from the Soviet Union as to those flying objects they claim to be seeing. For the Soviet Union is getting ready for wholesale war on the United States and the western world. Not only war against you but also against Germany and the countries of western Europe. But now if there is something that they do not have, and can maneuver better than their military then that creates a crisis in their military strategy.

You see lately and back a bit in time as these reports were coming out of the Soviet Union and in the McCalley area there was a count down. And from this area came huge rockets which rose up into the air. And then they launched satellites larger than the Soviets had launched before. These Satellites thus orbited around the world and they maintained this orbit. This secret eventually came out, and then they tried to quiet it down. They did not want to talk about it, but the Soviet Union had had nuclear weapons in orbit above the earth. More than this these are orbiting your country right now, as well as most of the nations. The Soviet Union has had hydrogen bombs in these satellites. And they are capable at any time of giving an order and dropping a bomb on your nation. As to how accurate they would be able to bomb we do not know. At the same time however then the Soviet Union has developed equipment that we do not quite understand for this deadly circuit.

And then she becomes aware of something different and she says that the atomic war is about to be invaded by a new type of hydrogen bomb. And of course she says that Germany has the neutron bomb And it is more dangerous than the hydrogen bomb because it does not blow anything up, it just kills the people, the animals, and everything that lives except plants. So drop a neutron bomb and twenty minutes later you could move into a town and get no nuclear reaction. And they say that Germany has been trading this secret with America and with South Africa. So now we find that the Soviet Union now wants to sign a non-proliferation treaty. She wants to sign this treaty as quickly as possible so she can get on with the war. She has built up a force of three million men who are ready behind the iron curtain. So she wants to come into Germany and cut thru Western Europe and do this before America can get on her feet. And while America is tied down in Asia. And this plus the fact that now she knows that Germany has developed a neutron bomb. And that she is letting these secrets out to America and to other countries. And now she wants to be sure that all nuclear weapons are outlawed and cannot be use in a war.

This is why the U.S. did not sign this treaty for she knows what Russia is thinking. So instead Dean Rusk tells the Soviets that they better not invade Germany, or the U.S. will enter into this struggle. So Mr. Kosigian then answers back:--do you think you are big enough to take care of this matter? So in other words he still thinks that we are tied down and are talking out of turn.

Now; we have the Soviet Union crying out for the banning of nuclear weapons of war, but at the same time her satellites are zipping over head loaded with nuclear bombs. Every two hours they move overhead carrying that bomb over your head.

I think it is about time that our nation tells the Russians to bring these satellites down loaded with their bombs and don't fly them over our country anymore. It is time we stopped putting any of our confidence in the Soviet Union, because there is no confidence to come from this matter.

We are in the climactic pattern of the latter days. We have reached that period of time referred to in the book of Joel. It tells you over here, that speaks of these wonders in the heavens. But God says he is going to pour out His spirit upon his sons and his daughters. And I will show you wonders in the heavens and also in the earth. I will show you pillars of fire, and of smoke and blood on the earth. And in those days it will be as tho the moon was covered with blood, in that great and powerful day of the most high God. And it shall come to pass that all who call on the name of YAHWEH shall be delivered. Every last one of them whom the LORD shall call.

Then turn to the third chapter of Joel and it talks about this valley of decision, for the day of the LORD is here. And it says that In those days the sun shall be darkened and the moon also and the stars as well shall be darkened. And YAHWEH is going to roar, with his voice and the earth is going to shake. And it says that YAHWEH shall be the strength of His people Israel.

So in Vietnam then Red China is coming into the war and they have cut off many areas, and Saigon is now under the glare of the enemy. And you are going to have to use much more power if you are going to win. This is why I like General LeMay who is the Vice Presidential choice of Wallace. But he is described as the hawk of the Viet Cong. He says that he would turn all of Vietnam into an attack center rather than destroy one American Soldier. That is why I like him, for he has the intelligence to know that you hit the enemy with every thing you have if you are going to win. This is a big struggle and it better be recognized.

Now; then Russia had 100,000 troops on the border of Germany, so we are on the edge of a great explosive situation. So as we see all of these facts then we turn to the subject of flying saucers. And I am glad that all of those, that we are seeing, are now recognized as belonging to the U. S. Government. But out there in space is a squadron of flying crafts, thousands times thousands, times ten thousands and so forth. And when all of those crafts get in the sky then they will be seen for they are so many. But these are the crafts of the Most High under the command of Michael. And noticing that there are so many trillion suns out there, we can expect that there are more flying saucers under the command of the Most High God with Michael at their command, than the Soviet Union could ever make if they went on forever.

Now; as we turn to the book of Daniel we see again these certain situations, and how the Most High intends to cope with this situation. For when Michael the prince of My people stands up there will be a time of trouble, never seen since this country was a nation. And at that time all of His people, every last one, whose name has been found written in the Book.

Oh, you say, but that is about the Old Testament. Yes, but this book is also about the New Testament. For as you come over into the book of Revelation then God talks about the people who will not fall before the mark of the Beast, or the power of the Anti-Christ. And it says that they are not going to wonder about this power of the Antichrist, and of this darkness. For all of these names have been written in the Lamb's book of Life, and they shall understand.

So we understand that God has a record of all of his household his family. All are recorded of those who have been born, and who will be born, for all are recorded in this BOOK OF LIFE. And thus we understand that all of those written in this book of Life are going to be delivered. And Michael this great Prince in charge of the ships of the Most High God is going to stand up and fight for the children of God, like he did once before in the heavens, when he threw the devil out of the heavens. And now he is going to have to come to earth to throw the devil out of power here in the earth.

At the same time then God said:--I have placed my family in this physical world, And now I am going to pour out my spirit upon them, and they are going to take possession of the kingdom. And they shall reign over that kingdom forever and for ever. This means that you are going to challenge the powers of darkness. You are going to be empowered by the light, and this will be one great and wonderful stand by the Children of the Most High God. This will be a time when the powers of darkness will not be able to destroy one single boy out of the armies of the Most High God. No weapon will be formed that can stand against you.

Now; we are in an hour when we are coming face to face with some of these situations. And then you say but the Russians can do that. Well there is one thing that we also know it is that the Russians, at least their leaders of today, do not have the spirit of God in them. Besides that he says that HE pours out his spirit upon his people and they dream dreams and have visions and these come to the people of His church, His body in the world today. Apparently then God has bestowed upon you all of these great things which have transpired and given you the knowledge to protect yourselves. For God says that he can at any time bring any of this to your attention, and your intelligence will receive it.

Thus God made a covenant in the Old Testament and in the New. And he says: I will make of you sharp threshing instruments, and with this you will be able to break in pieces this power of the darkness, and the forces of evil.

You say:--we are going to have to do things pretty fast for we have fallen behind. We have had had the McNamaras and the Johnsons and all of the sympathizers with the enemy, more it seems than one nation could possess. And then you say but there were not be enough power for us. Well, don't worry about that, for there is a lot of power, just standing by.

As I turn into the book of Revelation, I see that there are a lot of things which people are going to have to take into consideration. One thing I see is that you as a great White nation, of God's kingdom, are going to have to stand UP and fight for the kingdom of God. The true people of your Race, who are alert are willing to battle Communism and this force of darkness. They are willing to battle the Anti-Christ. And they are willing to overthrow all of the work of the devil And then you say but the other side has men, lots of men, and even some spiritual power. But God says, don't worry; I will take care of the spiritual forces. And you will take care of the physical forces, and I am going to guide you into areas of success. He says, I am going to stir you people up until one day then you will be standing on your feet, and the wrath will be rising in your countenance.

And I am going to tell you that there will be quite a stir out here in Hollywood, and Fairfax when God starts to stir his people. I am going to tell you that there will be lots of places that will be disturbed when God wakes up his people and calls them out in that day of judgment. And we read that a great banner will be seen in the heavens saying:---Faithful and true ---and in Righteousness he shall judge the earth. And it says:---I beheld this great and mighty flag ship with this great banner saying He that is faithful and true ---and then I saw all of the armies of the heavens following after HIM. Did you ever stop to think of how many thousands times thousands --those trillions----all of the armies of heaven following after HIM, how they would appear?

I want to be on God's side, for that is the side where all the armies of heaven are. For there is no question about who is going to win. For as I read I see that at this time when HE comes who is righteous and true, that there is no question but that he comes to judge and to make war. And therefore at this time then OUT OF HIS MOUTH CAME A SHARP SWORD.

And He came in to rule over the nations. And it says here that He will rule with a rod of iron (total justice) And it says that He shows the fierceness of the Almighty God. And on his vesture it is written:---King of Kings and LORD of Lord's. And this mighty force is coming in at anytime--any moment when the Soviet Union or any of the powers of darkness think that they hold the winning hand. That think that you are whipped and they are to destroy you. Then he is coming in--so don't think that you are standing all alone. Don't think that you have been abandoned.

I want you to know that OUR GOD, is more powerful than the Buddhist god, more powerful than the Hindu god, or any other of the gods of earth. And there will come a day when the hosts of our God will come hurdling out of the sky. And you can count on it anytime, next week or next year just any time. You can count on it because God says that he is going to do that.

So I tell you that there will be signs in the sky. There will be phenomena. And God says if you want signs in the sky, then I will give you signs in the sky. I will destroy parts of the earth. I will get rid of this Anti-Christ who has caused so much trouble for you. And I am going to deliver each and every one of my family, whose name is written in the Book. I am going to raise up principal men, and you are going to rise up and you are going to take this kingdom, and rule over this kingdom, with ME forever and forever.

We are going to establish the throne, and the earth will know white supremacy as it exists And a great White throne company will stand with their God thru the ages to come. And the great cry then comes out of the book of Revelation:----Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty---------.

I want you to know that as we talk about these things we are not talking of fantasy, this is real, and it is written in your book for you to understand and to know, and to take comfort from.

My Comments: And from the 70's to this day the evil Left has made it their sole purpose and duty to destroy the family unit of Whites, pervert their children in the indoctrination of hatred for themselves and their heritage, make them tolerant of sexual perversions, make them lawless and unfeeling and other abominations to destroy the next generations! And we stood by while we let our government do this!

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