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“Excerpts from Joe Biden’s “MAGA speech” previewed a gross abuse of the Executive Office of the President. Sure enough, that’s exactly what was delivered as the president appeared in Philidelphia, standing in front of a blood-red background, flanked by Marines.

Lines were crossed that can’t be uncrossed, from the use of the military as props in a blatantly political speech to Biden suggesting that nearly half the country is a ‘danger’ to the republic. This was a speech that went far beyond anything seen in the modern era of presidential addresses. . . . The meat of the speech was no better than Biden’s health.

He kept repeating the term ‘MAGA,’ painting those who voted for Donald Trump as evil fascists that pose a direct threat to the very well-being of the nation. That’s ludicrous, and as I’ve shared before, it’s also incredibly dangerous. When you begin attack tens of millions of Americans as scum, suggesting they are going to destroy ‘our democracy,’ that justifies just about anything in response, doesn’t it? Someone is going to get hurt based on his incitement.”

The Democrats’ attempt to criminalize opposition and treat opponents as domestic terrorists deserves more than heckling. It’s disgraceful and unAmerican.

Plus: “It sure feels like Biden wants to provoke some kind of violent response. Why else even give this speech? . . . There’s also an inherent contradiction in what Biden is saying. He continually wants to paint himself as an uniter, while his words and actions exacerbate deep, disturbing divisions. . . . This was Twitter rage wrapped into a national address, and it was sad and pathetic to witness.”

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