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Are the denialists seriously claiming that today's global heating is just coincidence and has nothing whatever to do with the CO2 we are pumping into the air?

Let’s start with the fallacy about humans “pumping” CO2 into the air, the total amount of ALL greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is 2% with ALL CO2 being just a minute trace amount of that, the total amount of greenhouse gases being produced by human activity is only 3% of the total amount of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere, literally a fraction of a fraction. So it’s harder to believe that the naturally occurring and necessary for life chemical that exists in the atmosphere in an incredibly small quantity has any real effect on climate, than it is to believe that there are people calling “BS” on the whole climate change thing.

Now let’s look at some more of the logic holes in the climate change argument.

The last major ice age ended about 10,000 years ago, a time when humanity’s greatest achievement was the camp fire and stone tipped spears. Unless one is prepared to blame the cook fires of a population that numbered less than one million globally for producing enough CO2 to change the climate, one needs to explain what caused the ice age to end, and more importantly why it is no longer a factor affecting the earth’s climate today.

Roughly three thousand years ago the earth experienced a slight increase in it’s average temperature that lasted for about two hundred years, this period is known as the Roman warming period, since it occurred during the height of the Roman empire. So again we have a fluctuation in the earth’s temperature that occurred at a time when human population and industry was insufficient to be used as an explanation, which means that once again to defend the position of climate change, one has to explain what caused this warming period, what ended it, and why it is no longer a factor affecting earth’s climate.

A few hundred years after the end of the Roman warming period we had another, more significant warming trend that lasted nearly twice as long as the Roman warming period, we call this the Medieval warming period. Once again, human population and industry was not sufficient to make a believable cause for this, so therefore an explanation is needed, of what caused it, what ended it, and why it is not longer a factor in today’s climate.

The Medieval warming period ended with the beginning of what we call the Little ice age. A sharp decline in global mean temperature that lasted until the early part of the 18th century. Again, it started and ended prior to the industrial revolution, there is no believable argument that can be made to blame human activity for the Little ice age. Therefore once again climate change proponents must explain what caused it, what ended it, and why it no longer affects the planet’s climate.

The earth is more than 4 BILLION years old, humans have only been on this planet for a few hundred thousand years. We’ve only had industrial capacity for a couple hundred years. We’ve only been scientifically tracking and recording climate data for about 150 years. We’ve only had advanced technology, like weather satellites, for 60 years. Do you truly believe that the activities of the human race have, over the course of only 200 years, less than an eye blink in the life span of the planet, been more impactful than the natural cycles that have been in effect for billions of years? Do you truly believe that the minuscule amount of data we have recorded on a complex chaotic system that has cycles that run into the thousands of years, in a span of less than a single century, is actually adequate to make declarative statements about what is going to happen in the future? The best meteorologists can not make accurate predictions more than a few days out, a week or two at best, yet you believe it’s possible to predict changes that will happen in decades or centuries from now? And you truly believe it all hinges upon a trace amount of a trace element in the atmosphere, and not one of a whole host of other potential factors? Solar activity? Variations in the earth’s orbit? Variations in the earth’s axial tilt? The same phenomena that were causing heating and cooling trends for billions of years before humans even existed?

Finally ask yourself this: If climate change is in fact caused by human activity and it’s such an imminent threat, why do so many of the major proponents of climate change live the way they do? Owning multiple houses, often including ocean front properties? Driving gas guzzling SUVs and sports cars? Flying on private jets? Shouldn’t they lead by example and reduce their own carbon footprint, the way they want us to?


The first time I heard “global warming” I said that’s impossible, and I started looking into what they were talking about:

  1. When I learned they were saying people caused it, I said that’s impossible; the world is so large that 90% of the people live on less than 10% of the earth and 75% of the earth is covered with water

  2. When I learned that they said atmospheric CO2 causes climate change, I Googled the amount of atmospheric CO2 and found that CO2 makes up less than 0.05% of the atmosphere. I said that’s nuts, that small an amount of anything cannot affect the climate

  3. Then I learned about how the earth’s orbit is changed by the gravitational forces in the solar system bringing the earth closer to and farther away from the sun. I said that is obviously the cause of climate change. Why? Climate on Earth, Mars and the rest of the planets in the solar system has been changing for millions of years before people

  4. When I learned that they said CO2 absorbs and reradiates radiant energy or reflects it back to Earth, I said that’s really stupid. If atmospheric CO2 reflects or reradiates energy, the energy will go in all directions, almost none will go back to Earth and CO2 would actually block almost all the radiant energy from the sun, so I started reading what real scientists were saying about this hoax

  5. One real scientist pointed out that gasses do not absorb or reflect radiant energy. I said I knew that I had forgotten that a gas can only be heated by conduction or convection. He wrote that there are no greenhouse gasses since gas heated by the earth’s surface rise and carry heat away from the planet. I said of course, I knew that, why did I not think of that

I could go on, but it should be obvious by now. Manmade climate change is impossible!

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