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Hey, thanks for coming to my Blog!

I will quote Scriptures from time to time through my recollection and it may not be verbatim. No matter, it is the idea that truly counts.

Now we are in this world but not supposed to be a part of this world. Pretty profound wouldn't you think. After all, if we White, Adamite, Hebrew, Israelites never had our parents teaching us, going to some sort of Christian Church, reading the Bible, going to a Christian leaning school, never saw an evangelist or preacher on TV or heard them on the radio, how could any of us be other than part of this world and all that is in it. For pain or pleasure, hope or disdain, seeing good and evil, rich and poor, peace and war, love and hate, justice and crime and...................well, you get the idea. How do we get out of this world so as not to be a part of that earth thing we live in?. That question comes near the end here.

Father Yahweh GOD created EVERYTHING. Now everything is everything. From the smallest component of an atom (and we don't still today even know what that is) to all elements on the Periodic Table and many more we haven't even found yet, the Universe and everything in between. GOD created everything for HIS good pleasure and, I believe, to watch what He has already foreordained will happen. Don't believe that? Fine. Let me finish this missive and then you can determine the ultimate truth, as far as we are able to fathom in our primitive minds, whether you have an inkling of mental elevation from where you are now.

So, more to the point. Among all that He created He decided to create the Angels that we often hear about when anything "religious" is discussed. Careful scrutiny of the Scriptures give us some insight to these entities which seem to vary based upon circumstance. Now if you are not well versed or haven't searched the Scriptures long or deep enough to discern these differences I will try to enlighten you from my studies over the decades. I do not claim to be an "expert" and, frankly, you may not care to believe anything I put forth with regard to this or any other subject that I have videoed (over 100) or have written about (over 1000) in various publications, speeches and mailings over the years. Fine, I get it. But here it is anyway.

We know that GOD created Satan. We know that there are many names for him that come through from time to time and over our existence since the beginning. I will give you the ones from memory and these should suffice for now. OK, let's get started. He is called Lucifer, the Serpent, Devil Angel of Light, the Evil One, Beelzebub, Ba'al, Molech, Abaddon and Belial just to name a few. GOD created him along the rest of HIS multitude of "Angels" supposedly to attend to HIM. For the life of me I cannot fathom why GOD would need attendants but there it is anyway.

Sometime between HIS masterful creation including HIS angels, and this could be millions of years, GOD decided to put tangible and otherwise carbon based living forms on this planet we call earth. Maybe elsewhere also but we cannot know that for a certainty. First came the "created" beings thousands of years before Adam and Eve, HIS crowning glory of human "formed" on planet earth, probably not more than ten thousand years ago. Why Adam and Eve? They were to fulfill a certain purpose for HIS peculiar peoples who would be descendants of Adam and Eve and, for whatever reason, not relegated to those peoples HE "created" millenniums before! Note the difference between "created" and "formed!" This was not a mistake in interpretation by the Council of Nicene in the creation of the Bible as we know it today!

To continue, Satan wanted to be GOD and rebelled and decided to take 1/3 of the created angels with him and they obviously agreed to do so. What he offered, what they wanted has never been clear but they must have been enticed with something. I will delve into that later but for now we come to see that they are able to manifest among us take our "beautiful women" as concubines or even "wives".. Supposedly then they procreate what are called "Giants" as their offspring. Much, much later we can read that Ogg, Goliath and others are among those that are the progeny of these women. To this very day bones have been discovered that are as long in height as more than 15' proving this fact in various places on the planet.

What we can derive from these proclamations in our Bible is that when the "Angels" transcend from the eternal continuum to the time-space continuum they come with the attributes of we mere humans seemingly with flesh, blood and, most of all sperm from their testicles with which to impregnate earthly women and procreate "giants" as well as an entire geologically line of Satanic Jews well defined in the Scriptures! Once you grasp the full meaning of this truth, it is no stretch to understand how powerful our enemy really is. It can happen today and, given the annuls of history, it has happened many times before! We only need to look at how many times White Christians or even just Whites have been sent to war against each other over the thousands of years under the guise of any number of lies and deceit which kill innumerable millions of us over the years. One has to wonder at the number of times this has happened over the history of the White race!

So, Satan now has a number of angels as consorts in challenging GOD whenever and however they can. The big question is WHY DIDN'T OR DOESN'T GOD JUST KILL THEM ALL OR "UNCREATE" THEM?" This answer is the easiest I have to answer, because GOD cannot kill or destroy any living entity. So the greater question becomes, if that is true why is it that HE cannot kill or destroy and living entity after HE HIMSELF created them all? It would appear that there are two (more?) realities that we must address before we can go further.

First and foremost, there is something called the Spiritual World. This exists somewhere "out there" or, I believe, all around us. Angels and their like (Seraphim, Cherubim, Angels (good and bad), Messengers and others live in a far different frequency/harmonic/Time-Space-Continuums than we mere mortals do. We know from the Bible that these spiritual entities cannot destroy or kill each other because the battle between the good Angel and Bad Angels seems to have been going on forever! And we know this how? Well, in the Book of Daniel we see that the Angel that was sent to save Daniel had to "contend with the Price of Persia" and so was delayed getting to Daniel. By most accounts this Angel would have been Michael, the Archangel of all the Angels, especially related to war, conflict and resolution. If the Angel among Angels couldn't fix a simple thing like "taking care of the Price of Persia" in short order then there is sufficient evidence to suggest that Michael was not able to dispose of his adversary. There are other intimations throughout the Bible that would give credence to this. Further, GOD didn't intervene either!

We mere mortals who have faith are told many times, through Scripture that we are spiritual beings and that our body houses that Spirit upon Adamic, Hebrew, Israelite White conception, the Holy Spirit upon adult Baptism and promise of salvation and a soul which is our entity from our DNA, genome and life experiences. Profound? Absolutely! So, why are we born, live and die with or without the Spirit of GOD and, especially HIS Holy Spirit. Others are born with a spirit but until it has been "quickened" by the Holy Spirit it is a spirit in limbo, without purpose or an eternal life mission.

Every living creature on the planet has a soul. I once wrote, published and preached denying this pertaining to people of color. I sincerely apologize for my ignorance or vilifying others. The other races, mixed races and people of color are none of my business. GOD put them here and allowed them to be who and what they are. My mission is to the White, Adamic, Hebrew, Israelite peoples of earth, no others. GOD has a plan and purpose and it has nothing to do with me or my mission other than trying to take my Kindred away from their influence and bring them to the knowledge of YAHWEH FATHER GOD and JESUS, THE CHRIST our REDEEMER AND SAVIOR, no more, no less!

Satan has proven, time and again that he rules and influences people and events on this planet. He can and has started wars through his surrogates that he puts into powerful governmental positions. In the Book of Job, when GOD asked, what Satan was doing he proclaimed that he was running to and fro on the earth seeking whom he may destroy. Of course this must be either killing the mortals with earthly death or having them turn away from the path to salvation to come later through Jesus The Christ. When you read this book you will see that evilness and power that Satan has to afflict any person on the planet if he so chooses! It isn't pretty, it isn't nice and it is evil to the core! We, in our comfortable 21st century lives cannot fathom what Job contended with because GOD LET SATAN HAVE HIS WAY!

Now we can get to crux of who and what Satan is and what kind of power he yields. The Book of Job has been often called the very first book written in the Old Testament. I do not know and neither does anyone else really. But jumping forward to the New Testament, lets just say for arguments sake the Book of Job was written 2000 years before the time of Jesus. Now Jesus is about to begin HIS ministry but goes to the mountain to fast and contemplate with His Father GOD. While there Jesus is confronted with Satan (once again proving his existence as an adversary that can manifest himself in real terms on earth among mortal men!). He makes Jesus several offers not the least of which are all the Kingdoms of the Earth. This after quoting Jesus the Scriptures which Satan knows better than anyone on this planet to this very day! What do you suppose Jesus says? Did He tell Satan thanks but no thanks? Yes He said that in nearly the exact the same terms that I just now noted. However, and this is the most important thing that you must gather from this missive than anything else that I write or try to convey..............................................................

Jesus never admonished Satan or even intimated that these so called "Kingdoms" were not Satan's to give! Jesus didn't smite Satan with his staff, Jesus did not curse Satan. GOD did not rain hell on earth and put the mountains on Satan to bind him forever in "human" form! No, none of that happened and it is a fundamental lesson to all of us! Satan is real, Satan is alive and well in both the spiritual and mortal world that we are now bound by. Satan is still going to and fro on this planet seeking who may destroy, like he tried to do with Job, like he tried to do with Jesus and now with the true faithful. And, by all accounts, GOD is letting him do this each and every day! GOD lets Satan do whatever he chooses to do and we pray that we can have or get things that are meaningless in the scheme of eternal life. Job had everything and lost it all to prove his worthiness to GOD. Jesus is the SON OF GOD and couldn't deter Satan face to face. Who are we to to think that simple prayers for "things" will give us eternity? We can see it now in the latter day of the year 2022 that Satan Rules and reigns in all White (or previously White) nations!

Now the ugly truth and you are about to leave this now or harken to my admonishments and predictions. The Western, White, Adamic, Hebrew, Israelite and especially Christian peoples of this planet have been under attack, physically and spiritually for more than 10,000 years and especially so in the last 60 years. I have a number of books and videos proving this fact so there is no need to cover that extensive research here. By Satan, his Jewish consorts and stupid uneducated minions there has been a concerted effort to demean, belittle, vilify and even kill we CHOSEN of GOD because of HIS plan and purpose for us. Yes, we have failed, yes we are culpable, yes, we let it slide through our hands of the greatness and blessings that FATHER YAHWEH GOD gave us in terms of Salvation, a Great nation, a bastion of freedom, generosity and protection from most evil in the world. Still in all, Satan and his Minions, the demons, angels at his disposal and the Satan seedline, the Jew, are winning this battle for the soul and spirit of we mortals. We have allowed the colored masses to occupy our once great nation and, through Satan, they are now beginning to rule over us at every level of government. It is unlikely that we can change this without violence unheard of in America!

We abort living souls from conception until the child is about to take it's first breath, regardless of the Roe/Wade canard! We allow the uneducated colored masses to cross our borders not only to bring their poverty and violence but now diseases that we haven't seen in a hundred years. Votes for the Satanic Commie Left and reducing the White race are paramount and these invaders are given every opportunity to achieve that goal. You will never, ever see or hear about Diversity, Multiculturalism, Affirmative action, Quotas and the like among the nations of Asia, Africa or Latin America. Why? There are no Whites of consequence there and they are not accepted anyway! Only in America, White Europe and Australia are the evil forces making their way in ever fervent ways to destroy our culture, religion, moral values, Christianity and much much more. If you think that this is an accident, you are sorely mistaken. Satan knows the end is near even if he lives in the same time frame that "one day is as a thousand years" because he knows his "days" are numbered. He can literally smell Jesus returning to fulfill the prophecies and he has pulled all stops to try and put GODS CHOSEN into condemnation.

We must stay strong and never lose faith. All of this is ordained to prove the faith of the saints. Fight back? My take is absolutely! HE gave us the intelligence of deduction and inductive reasoning, abstract thought (no other creature has it including most of the people of color) and told us to be HIS battle-axe on this planet. Yes, In due time HE will send HIS Angels to support us but only if we take the initiative. Violence? You cannot dissuade violence with words. Violence has been met with violence for the better since time immemorial, and it has always made a change for better or worse!

Do we wait until they come for the dissident? Do we wait until they come for those who do what I do (and I will never change). Do we wait until they come for true journalists who tell the truth? Do we wait until they come for someone who has a bumper sticker opposing the powers that are? Do we wait until they take away your gasoline or make the price so high you can't afford to get to work (By the way they have already accomplished this!)? Do we wait until they have emasculated our military to the extent that we can no longer defend ourselves from the foreign aggressors that hate us? (By the way they are doing it firing a shot by allowing open borders to bring the colored masses into our once great nation to race mix with our ignorant young women to further destroy the White race)?

We already waited too long to stop the powers at every level indoctrinating our youth from K-12 and beyond into gender issues and encouraging life changing deviant behavior which further diminishes the White race. Between abortions, race mixing, low birth rates among our CHOSEN White women, men being emasculated each and every day in every form of media and, ultimately the bedroom, birth rates amongst we Whites are diminishing to where we may not be a an identifiable race in the next 3 generations!

Do we continue to allow criminals of color, creed and violent proclivity to commit crime after crime and release them multiple times to commit even more crimes. thanks to these evil Satanic prosecutors and people who now rule over us? Do we wait until they declare that anyone who disagrees with the powers that are are "enemies of the state?" (They did this on September 5, 2022)!, Do we wait until there is no one left to defend us from those who have indoctrinated our children who hold us in disdain if not hate us for being contrary. Do we wait until every male and some females decide that they were born with the wrong gender and need to "re-assign" to the proper gender? When can it or will it end? Not until we wake up, begin, initiate and press for control for our faith, values and culture. Until then GOD will let HIS plan play out until we either win or submit. Then, and only then will either hell will be unleashed on earth in the most violent terms that humankind has never seen OR it can be delayed for another century or so if we take the initiative and win back our status as the CHOSEN by resurrecting our great White nations!

Going back to the beginning of We CHOSEN. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden was indubitably Satan. Eve did not eat and apple or fig or any other fruit. She was seduced by Satan and was impregnated to birth Cain. Within a few days Adam impregnated Eve which gave birth to Abel thus appearing as near twins or birthed very close together.. We know this because each brought their sacrifices to GOD, as directed by Adam at the very same time as they came of age.. Now read this very, very carefully............Cain was first born and his progeny ultimately became Kenites, Canaanites and "JEWS", not from the tribe of Judah! In the genealogies stated in Scripture even though Cain was "first born" he was never shown as the son of Adam later in the genealogy line throughout the Scriptures! Why? Because he was the son of Satan! And, of course, we know that Cain killed Able because Cain was a Devil in and of himself- jealous of GOD for not accepting his personal sacrifice over Abel's most acceptable sacrifice!

We are supposed to know the end as written throughout the Bible and it doesn't fare well for the unbeliever, backslider and even Satan and his minions. Sometimes, in retrospect, when we take a moment of our precious time and reflect on that or even hear just another preacher give us an Eschatology message we might shudder or think that maybe none of us are going through those, pearly gates, with a room in the mansion, being Kings and Priests over what there is in the universe. HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY sung over and over and over and over and over again forever in eternity as those who reside at or near the Throne of FATHER YAHWEH GOD ...............

So, does Satan win in the end or does FATHER YAHWEH GOD win in the end? GOD gave us free will, even knowing that we are weak, susceptible to the vagaries and temptations of earthly things; pride, lust, avarice, gluttony and a litany of other distractions from the possibility of eternal life. Yet HE still wants us to look up, appreciate the gifts that HE has given us and those with which we created to share amongst the masses for comfort, safety and convenience in these latter days. Satan gives us war, plague, pestilence and dissention. GOD gives us peace, harmony, love and promise. Choose which!

When will we have time for anything else? GOD knows but we do not.

Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die! What a conundrum!

Thanks for reading.

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