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I am a White Supremacist!

Why? I am not sure that I know but I know.

In todays world, February 2020, in the American environment that I now live in I never thought that I had to take a side, make a statement, take and stand and declare that I am a White Supremacist.

In my life of 80 years the America that I knew when I became aware that there was something called America, I always believed that God and Country were all. After all I was raised in in the Protestant Church and The Boy Scouts of America! What more could a young child in Pittsburgh ask for? Hell, I didn’t know better or, for that matter, worse!

Life was good in the 1940’s and 1950’s for a pre-teen and teen. No worries. I didn’t know that we were just above the poverty line, that the war took a toll on all of our families and that everyone struggled to get by and just pay off their debt to the “Company Store” which at that time was called the “Pittsburgh Mercantile Company” which most blue collar workers were indebted to after the war!

What does this have to do with White Supremacy? A lot!

Whites went to the war to fight against Fascism, Japanese Imperialism and for the American way of life. There was no way that any foreign nation could ever invade that United States and defeat us on our own ground but the War Mongers of the day need a good war to grow the economy and make us believe that we were vulnerable and that our enemies could very well destroy us! And, oh well, we needed to work our way out of the greatest depression that America had ever seen thanks to the Jewish Banksters that crippled the Banking system in America! The Jew Bankers owned us and really precipitated the war between White America and White Germany! Hitler was compelled to rid Germany of these evil Jew Banksters and the Communists that were part and parcel of the Jew infested government of the formal Romanov monarchy of Mother Russia. The Jews had been festering in the Russian government for 20 years and infiltrated Europe for that same time doing what they do best,

Taking over the media, the Banking system, the newspapers and ultimately tickling the ears of the German government, i.e., Hindenburg, and the others!

Ultimately, a man named Hitler came to power and really saw what was going on. This is not a meant to be a love for or adoration of such a man. It was what it was and that can be left to those who wish to love, hate, vilify or adore this man of history. I have no provocation of this important man in history other than to mention his name and what I perceive his motives to be 90 years later. The only reason it is worthwhile in this narrative is that I lived with most of it!

So now, watching nearly every institution vilify Whites and what we gave to the world I have taken the stance that I will never back down from the forces, mighty and small that hate us or fear us. I am White and I am proud. I served my country honorably, employed thousands of people in my career and, by the way, every race, color and creed. After that I became in volved in a small way with Aryan Nations founded by Pastor Richard Butler in Hayden Lake, Idaho. My relationship with Pastor Butler grew over time and I contributed to him and the church until I left Idaho. Before, however, I had designed and produced or wrote many hundreds of articles, Christian sermons, posters and videos espousing White accomplishments, where we came from and those who hate us because we are “special” and even CHOSEN!

I stand by this at this very moment!

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