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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

We love war....any kind of war. Not me, but the others love war. Why do you suppose that anyone would create an enemy out of whole cloth just to create a "war?" Do you know, do you want to know?

Because if you really seek the truth you will not last long on the Internet, if egregious enough, have enough attention, you will become under the scrutiny of our wonderful and protective things called the Department of Justice which includes the FBI and a myriad of other unknown agencies that you never heard about!

How about that boys and girls. you love in an illusion, being fed bullshit every moment of every day like a mother feeding Pablum to their newborns instead of breastfeeding!

Every second we are fed pap and bullshit that defies the imagination from every side of the media. Forget what we already know about the standard Cable TV because we already know that all is programmed to demean, belittle, vilify, attack, lie and create from whole cloth a narrative that defies the imagination! that we know this how do solve this short of killing all of those motherfuckers where they stand and where we find find them? We, The People are subdued, made to comply, sleepy, stupid and beyond redemption even in the Biblical sense, believe or not.

We are screwed, blued and tattooed to coin a phrase from my college and Navy days.

The party is over and like a controversial comedian proclaimed many years ago:

There's a club, a very important club, of very rich people who really control your lives. It is a club that requires a certain amount of wealth and power! They control EVERTHING in this club and YOU AIN'T IN IT, PERIOD!

George Carlin said it perfectly! Back in the day we laughed at it and though it was a quaint thought but, even then, I knew, he was absolutely correct!

I am a nobody and I know it better than anyone. I have been accused of lying, deceit, being intimately involved with WHITE SUPREMACY groups and I stand by all of that even today in 2022/2023! After all, I did walk the walk, prove my beliefs, took all the heat from media all over the world media and spent all of my money for what I believed in! Who among anyone would do that? None, thank you very much.

Now that I am in the twilight of my years who, among all of you can send a stipend to an old warrior who spent the last of his millions to bring the truth to the world? All those of you who proclaim to be SEPARTISTS, SUPREMACIST and other WHITES are afraid, pansy asses and liras about your stand against the evil in the land. In the last 10 years I received $20.00 in my crusade to bring the truth to our kindred........................$20.00!

Thanks a bunch! One day you may wake iup and understand that we are trying to save this nation!

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