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Here's something I don't understand: why are cities having to burn because of fake news?

What I'm talking about is that every time word gets out that an unarmed black man gets shot by the police, the riots start, the city burns, and then afterwards, it comes out that the cops did what they did because the black guy was being a dick.

Which is weird, because, with rampant system racism and thousands of unarmed black men being gunned down, you'd think that it would not be difficult for BLM and civil rights groups to find a legitimately innocent unarmed black man who was simply standing there minding his own business when some racist cop comes up and shoots him.

But I never see this. In all of the incidents I am familiar with, the supposedly innocent and unarmed victim was shot because he was being a dick, and the guy usually has an extensively documented history of being a dick.

But it doesn't matter. They make a loser out to be a hero.

Let's review some history:

Michael Brown. Ferguson. "Hands up, don't shoot" he said. Well no, he didn't. He tried to rob the store. He tried to grab a cop's gun. He was being a dick. That's why he was shot.

And then there's George Floyd. "I can't breathe." Yeah, he couldn't breathe, but that was because he was full of fentanyl, and maybe even OD'ing. The original video that everyone saw showed Floyd shouting about not being able to breathe with Officer Chauvin's knee on his back, but when the police body cam footage was released, it showed him saying he couldn't breathe before he even got out of the car.

So how were the cops supposed to know he was right in the middle of a drug OD?

And then there's Jacob Blake. He wasn't supposed to be at his ex-girlfriend's house because there was a restraining order that prohibited contact. The police were called, and when they showed up, he just ignored them and walked to his car. In other words, he was being a dick. He opened the driver's door, reached under the steering column and what was the police officer supposed to do, wait and see whether he came up with a weapon?

So Blake insisted on being a dick, and from that decision, Kenosha, Wisconsin burned.

So, in all of these cases, the "victim" (1) had a history of criminal behavior, (2) was in the middle of committing a crime and (3) was being a dick. My sympathy for LEOs has gone down a bit in recent years, but even so, I can see they're in a tough situation when they have to deal with a guy who simply pretends they're not there and keeps on doing what he's not supposed to be doing. They used to be able to do a choke-hold, but those are forbidden either by law or department policy. They can use tasers, but they don't always work, especially if the guy is big enough, or high enough. That doesn't leave them very many other options other than shooting them.

I've heard people say "it shouldn't have to take 4 or 5 cops to subdue a person", but I don't think they realize how much resistance even an average-sized man can offer, if he is absolutely determined to be a dick.

I guess I'm wandering a bit from my original point, which was that I think I might be inclined to be more sympathetic to BLM's complaints (just kidding) if they came up with an actual victim.

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