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What is Anti-Semitism? The word Semitism is derived from the Biblical name of Shem, the first son of Noah. It is commonly believed and taught that the middle east is populated with Semites and the linguistics are rooted in the Semites. This would include the so-called Jews, Arabs and others. Anyone who attacks a Jew or speaks disparaging of them in any way is vilified by their controlled media and many organizations as Anti-Semite. This accusation never found its way into the English language until after WWII even though it was used in Europe before then. At best the Jew might, just might be a descendent of Canaan, son of Ham, son of Noah, whose lineage has been polluted with other mongrelized races. The lineage was fortified with the progeny of Esau, brother of Jacob/Israel.

It is the belief of the author that a liaison occurred between Rebecca and Satan making Esau a fraternal twin of Jacob/Israel. Esau was first born seconds ahead of Jacob yet was not claimed in the Biblical lineages or as the eldest as was the tradition at the time. In addition, it is noted that Esau was “red and hairy”, much different than Jacob. Later Esau gave up his birthright for a bowl of porridge which today’s church teachings claim that is why God hated Esau. I reject this out of hand and claim that God hated Esau because he was the seed of Satan! Esau is commonly called Edom in the Bible and that clan were the bitter enemies of Israel and never referred to in favorable terms in the Bible. In fact, Yahweh God promises that Edom will be destroyed and not in a nice way.

“Jewry is Edom” by their own very writings and declarations. Edomites can be distinguished today in the lineage of Khazars and Ashkenazi’s of Southern Russian. The Jew also declares that “Communism is Jewry” in many of their writings. At worse, the Jew is a descendant of Cain, the fraternal twin of Abel who murdered his brother, Able, the first murderer in the Bible. Without question Cain’s father was the Serpent in the Garden who seduced Eve. We know that the serpent in the Bible was Satan by the words of Jesus. The satanic lineage went on to mimic the many of the names of the descendants of Seth, the son born of Adam and Eve after Ables’ murder. This was to confuse the offspring of Seth as they moved about in their respective lands and intermingled with these evil people. Satan, the antagonist, is called by many names; The Serpent, Viper, Dragon, The Devil, Apollyon, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Ba'al, Abbadon, the Destroyer and many more.

Different cultures are always trying to thwart the efforts of Yahweh God to populate and bring the earth under the dominion of his created Adamites, later called Israelites, the true Semites of the Bible. Satan primarily uses the Jew as his instrument of destruction, chaos and misery to accomplish his objectives but uses other peoples and nations as well.. The Jew has stolen the birthright of the Adamite by posing as Israelites and Semites when they are neither. The Jew is the offspring of Satan, Canaanites, Edomites or a mongrel mixture of these all. The Jews, for certain, are not Israelites and cannot lay claim to the lineage Jacob/Israel, the twelve Patriarchs. In fact and indeed, the Jew hates all of Israel, especially Jesus, the Christ and Christianity. So, that begs the question. If the Jews are not Israelites or Adamites who is?

The evidence is overwhelming that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian and Indo-European Caucasian peoples of the world are the true descendants of the Patriarchs of Jacob/Israel. As you read my revealing book (If you purchase it) you will come to the understanding who the Jew really is and who we White Adamics are. The Jew has a mission and has had a mission from the beginning. It is rooted in their psyche, their DNA and their genome, whether they know it or not. It is to rid the earth or subjugate the true Israelites, us Whites, from the world. We Adamites still don’t have a clue who we are (except a few hundred thousand of us) and what our real mission is on planet earth. The church is wholly ignorant in their teachings about many things. The most important issue of all is who we are, where we came from and our mission on this earth. Once this has been established the Redemption of Christ and why we needed it will come into full understanding.

Other races are not “redeemed” by Jesus, the Christ, nor can they be. Jesus hated the Jew with a righteous hatred and Yahweh God commands that we rid the earth of these evil people which we have failed to do over and over again as they invade our country, ruin our culture and makes us their slaves to their control of the money systems of the world. Let me state here and once for all. If you are not a believer, not a Christian or even a follower of the WAY, the true teachings of Christ then the Biblical perspective isn’t relevant to you. Nonetheless, if you are Caucasian with a heritage from Indo-Europe, have an ancestor from any of the White nations of Europe, South Africa or Australia you are under attack by the Jew, whether you know it or not.

The Jews take on the characteristics of a chameleon changing language, names and even intermarrying among whites to gain an intro to the culture, nation and, finally the halls of power. They have no country, no loyalty to any nation, government or person but themselves. These are the most evil, pernicious and lying, deceptive group of people on the planet since the beginning of time. I have “borrowed” or otherwise plagiarized some writings of others throughout my book. I have credited many of those individuals whose works I may have used in part. Others may or may not receive credit because they are no longer alive or they were not easily identifiable. In every case I am confident that they are only interested in the TRUTH being published, no matter the way or how. That is the position I take on any of my writings about the Jew and their nefarious mission to rule the world and destroy white Christians.

Finally, as you work your way through my revealing book you may see many themes repeated or rehashed. While this may seem disconcerting it is done to bring home certain points. For example, the Holocaust, or Holohoax as I call it, is repeated time and again from the studies and perspectives of various sources. This all important message must be driven home to the unknowing so they are convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Jew has used this lie to perpetrate an unending source of extorted money and to generate the “poor me, poor me” sympathies throughout the western world. All the while they Jew is laughing up their sleeves a the total naiveté of the stupid Goyim who they incessantly use as pawns, we non-Jews especially Whites, to accomplish their objectives of domination and control.

My book is entitled:

It’s The Jews, Stupid!

by R. Vincent Bert

Found on Amazon and various book stores

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