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In retrospect my prior blog did not emphasis the hatred of Whites that our enemy has. I was remiss in the number of times and why we were subjected to our demise. Oh, not totally because, for some reason I cannot know, we are still here. It most certainly must be an accident or, for certain, a blessing from our Father Yahweh! Let me try to find the ways.

I already eluded to the ancient empires so I will not bore with those further. Our enemies, at least Biblically, tried over and over again in the Old Testament. Too many times to count and I will not reiterate here. Of course, we were commanded by Father Yahweh God to take lands that HE granted us and sometimes slayed our enemies with us and, just as often punished us for disobedience. I suppose HE might have killed as many of our enemies as us but that is what HE does if we are contrary to HIS demands.

Once we leave the Assyrians and Babylonians and even the Romans ( by the way they were and are racial cousins ) we can get to our American Revolution which has been the subject nowadays with a fair amount of disinformation. We now can call it revisionism! Little known and certainly never viewed in todays world is the fact that the famous Rothschild Jew Dynasty funded both sides, the English and the Americans and even the French with funds to conduct the war.

The Jew Rothschilds do not care care one wit who wins or loses. They only care that they get paid in Gold or other precious commodities, including land, by all parties involved. No one to this day has the wherewithal to do this except them.. Truth be known they are the wealthiest group on the planet bar none. Rockefeller, Bezos, Vanderbilt, Dupont, Musk and Buffet along with every rag head in the Middle East, all together, cannot compare their wealth to the Rothschilds., period, paragraph! Once you understand that you ,might get an inkling who runs you life!

So, we Whites killed each other during the Revolutionary War! TWICE- again in 1812!

We Whites killed each other during the Civil War less than a hundred years later!

Then, 60 years later we sent our Americans to die killing other German Whites during WWI, a War contrived by the Jews again!

Less than 20 years later we sent our White youth to fight the White Germans again in WWII being pushed by the New York Jew Media (just like today).

Our policies under Jewish prodding, to keep the slant eyed masses at bay led them to attack Pearl Harbor which led thousands of our most able young Whites die all over the pacific for years and years. The Jews were ecstatic that we lost our youth, Father Yahweh Gods progeny. Satan cackled and cackled and cackled!

Less than 10 year later we sent another covey of youth to a place called Korea where another 45,000 died losing half of the country. We leave and rotate 20,000 every year or two in case the evil slant eyes want to start another war so more of our youth can die.

Next, we are facing someplace called Viet Nam, a place no one ever heard of. Yet under the big lie of an American Warship being attacked by some foreign ship that no one can identify or know (a lie by our government) we send millions of troups over ten years to fight an enemy that might create a "domino effect" losing all of Indo China to "Communism!"

This was the beginning of the end for America. We were really there to protect the heroin trade from the Golden Triangle in Indo-China to the Western World, drugging Whites, killing Whites and all peoples of color here in the United States of America. The Jews were jumping with joy. We lost 55,000 there and tens of thousands more who have lifetime suffering from wounds and more. We left like a dog licking his wounds but the God Damn Jews accomplished what they wanted. More Whites dead or maimed. Less is more, doncha know!

Now we go to Kosovo Yugoslavia under the Clintons. What fun that was. We never hear about how many Whites were killed there and forgot why we were ever there. Did they tell us? I forgot! Nevertheless, more Whites died. Oh, well!

Ah, now the best of the best................................The Middle East. A sandbox at worst but rich in Oil and Heroin at best, And boy, did we exploit all of those. The Jews love money and their Federal Reserve Bank (not a United States Government entity in any way shape of form but founded and run by JEWS!) gave us all the money we need to exploit all of those riches in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and, who knows how many others. Ain't America great?

This turned into a perfect orgasmic Military-Industrial-Congress-Complex where money went here there and everywhere including making American and every foreign government Puppet multi-Millionaires or, and I am, confused, Billionaires? Meanwhile, our new youth are sent out as cannon fodder sweating in the desert looking for a perceived enemy and getting picked off like we used to do growing up shooting innocent birds with BB guns. Great fun!

But no matter, we will figure it out some day like last year when we pulled out overnight, left thousands there to fend for themselves but, most of all left a Billion dollars worth of material there for which the Taliban (or is it ISIS now?) can play with our toys and use it against whoever in the future. Maybe us if we decide to go back. But again, the Federal Reserve Board formed by Jews, run by Jews is gleefully ringing their hands as we pay off the interest on the National Debt to the extent that every penny collect from taxpayers goes to that interest on our National debt. Never a penny going to reduce this debt. It can never be paid and will never be paid except by devaluation of our currency (fiat paper) which is highly likely. Will the Jew Fed suffer? Not no but hell no. They own so many of our tangible assets they are happy as clams knowing that we stupid Goyim have no clue about their nefarious ways!

All other money to fund projects, wars, machines, airplanes, cannons, bullets, food, tanks, rifles, roads, bridges, bribes, bailouts, Congressional junkets, parties, lawsuits, investigations, hearings (which accomplish nothing!) and 20 million government salaries is borrowed adding to the National Debt! Got it! Get it!

Now the Jews, because they own IT ALL, Hollywood, the Media, Publishing, Internet and who knows what all have pulled out all the stops and, not satisfied with wars and "police actions" oversees to kill Whites, have moved blatantly to attack us in our own countries. A Muslim Mayor of London, Muslims all over White Europe, not China or Japan. Blacks Mixed bloods and Muslims elected here and chanting, hinting, screaming, that they not only hate Whites, they hate America! It was slow to develop and we just looked and thought, this will go away or simply die out. But no, it has become an every minute, every second thing every where, all the time.......relentless.

The God Damned Jews want another Civil War and this time they either want us really, really dead or in some FEMA Camp starving in the middle of nowhere.

Paranoid? Maybe. But you really need to think hard and long about this. As for me, I am almost gone. Maybe a couple of years if I am lucky. I lived a good, bad, and ugly life but I know what I know and have studied it for more than 20 years. Hell, A PhD only takes six! Please take it for what it is worth and, if you think I am a nutcase, do the research yourself!

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