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This country will not be put right until...

--Our elites stop hating the civilization they inherited.

(Too late for that! We have 3 generations of indoctrinated good little Marxists)

--Abstinence before marriage and marriage itself becomes the norm.

(LTA's are fashionable and require no lifetime commitment. Wait, 50% of all marriages end up in divorce anyway!)

--People want more children rather than fewer.

(Whites must reproduce more and quickly! We will be extinct in 400 years if we do not reproduce! Mixing our bloodline into people of color loses our race forever!)

--Government is seen primarily as the guarantor of liberty rather than a distributer of goods and services.

(Leave us alone to build, start businesses and quit regulating!)

--The national debt is paid down, rather than added to.

(The National Debt will never be paid down, ever. There will be a devaluation of money!)

--Universities systematically deprogressivized (like Germany was denazified after


(Unfortunately, Academia is saturated with flaming Liberals and hard core Communists!)

--The national media is laughed out of existence.

--Mental illness is no longer a civil right.

--Public schools stop hiding the atrocities committed by commies.

--People stop proposing a government fix for every fucking problem that comes along.

--Unless of course, the fix is to repeal one or more laws already on the books.

(There are 25 million Laws on all kinds of books. Until Patriots take over the government this will not change!)

--Term limits for every federal, state, and local office.

(AMEN to that!)

--Commies show up as bad guys in movies just as often as Nazis.

--The ugly, the perverse, and the bizarre are no longer celebrated or glorified.

--Massive social changes are not undertaken solely for the sake of a few outliers.

(No special considerations are given to Faggots, Sissys, Trannys and Snowflakes)

--We once again learn to value and protect the innocence of children.

(Spanking is not child abuse if done only with love and prudence)

--Looters and rioters that threaten authority are shot.

--People fear the imposition of government rather than love it.

--The social status of actors and other mass-market entertainers is substantially


--The idea that America needs to be "fundamentally transformed" is met with scorn and contempt.

(Leave America alone and it will be just fine)

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