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Never forget Ruby Ridge and Waco!

On April 19, 1993 the United States Government, acting under Attorney General Janet Reno, sent FBI agents, ATF agents and the U.S. military and used cyanide gas and a flammable chemical disbursed from a tank against The Branch Davidians. Multiple snipers and heavy firepower were used to emolliate and murder 86 men, women and children at the “compound” in Waco, Texas.

None of the murdered had committed any crime before the Government wanted to make an example out of them, similar to Randy Weavers family at Ruby Ridge.

After Congressional investigation and a number of hearings conducted under Senator Diane Feinstein not one agent or Law Enforcement official was ever charged with a crime for those murders!

Regardless, an independent jury later found that that the Branch Davidians at Waco acted in self-defense against the illegal Government intrusion. Of course, it didn’t matter then. They were all dead!

The United States Government cannot “grant freedom”. It can only take it away!

Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge fame was acquitted of all charges bought by the Government against him. Of course, by then, his wife, child and dog were already murdered by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi and Randy had spent 18 months in jail awaiting trial and verdict! Later, Randy sued the Government civilly for their illegal activities and murders and won an unprecedented multi-million dollar award.

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