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Updated: September 2022

We stand at the cusp of the tearing down of all the progress that has been made in the last one hundred years which had made America the greatest nation on earth, bar none, ever! What we held in respect and sometimes in awe and amazement was our home, family, community, church and country has become tarnished, controversial and literally hated! We shake our collective heads and wonder what in the world happened and how did it get this way.

Well, boys and goyim, we did it to ourselves. We shot ourselves in the foot, no, both feet. While we were sleeping, entertaining ourselves to death, working to do better than our parents did we forgot that our children were given to others to raise. Oh, we fed them and made sure they did their homework and put nice clothes on them and even involved them in everyone wins sports activities. The integrated schools were bringing all strata's of race, color and creed thanks to our newly adopted immigration quotas and our children sat day by day and hour after hours being indoctrinated in the new WAY. No child left behind, bussing, common core and other such Marxist leaning philosophies were bandied about. No one was paying attention because, after a long hard day working we were satisfied to come home and watch our youth dying in unwinnable wars on the tube along with race mixing at its finest and anything that would give us a laugh or two.

Still, new groups were spawned pointing out how wicked the old way was. Women were sick and tired of being relegated to the home raising their children and getting no satisfaction from that bit of work. So the mantra of glass ceiling began to beat out of the loins of the Jewesses Gloria Steinem and Sheryl Sandberg. As we saw our neighbors getting more and more "stuff" or better and better houses the women went to work to augment the income of the man working so that they could have the same "stuff!" This began the day care centers and "Latch key kids" who were left to their own devices for a large part of the day after school. The parents opted to get them video games and IPods and their own TV sets so they didn't have to be bothered with them after work, They were winding down after a hard day!. All the while the children were being taught mostly by the tune in, drop out, Woodstock flower children of the 60's who went to liberal colleges and were steeped in Marx, Engels and Trotsky, what fine ideas! Socialism is the panacea of all the ills in America. Everyone should share equally. Competition? Unthinkable! And so it went.

Our children grew up angry after they looked around having a head full of these 'progressive" ideas. At first it was just a nudge and as time went on it took on a life of its own. As more and more people came across our Southern border they saw that many of the jobs that they might be willing to do were taken by these illegals. Other immigrants, especially from India, Europe and China were taking many of the higher paying jobs because they came with degrees in Science, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, courses that were looked at with disdain by our new youth. They opted for Sociology, Philosophy, Literature, Political Science and Basket Weaving, never to climb to their potential in the real business world. Thus, in turn, they took the paths to Academia and politics and became the wonderful useful idiots that the genuine Marxists love running and ruining our lives!

So now I will leap forward to this very moment in time. We have surrendered our election process to the Marxist Left and put into office some of the most vile, contemptable and disgusting people that can be conjured up from anywhere except the Devil himself! They have been whittling away at our country for years now tearing down all vestiges of our culture, history, religion and institutions! They started slow beginning in the mid-60'S and now are in full bore with all the stops pulled. Their evil knows no bounds and its full stem ahead. Every law in America is now challenged as violent prisoners are set free, illegals will be given amnesty, Blacks will be given preferential treatment and as much money as they want, jobs destroyed by the millions to subjugate the masses, chaos on the streets at night, murder is passé, and worse! Our new President calls for "UNITY" in the midst of this near anarchy and this after years of his party spending every minute of every day to destroy Donald Trumps Presidency. Unity after 4 years of hate and contempt for at least half of the country!

The Homosexuals are getting rave reviews from these new "Progressives". While representing less than 2% of the population by nearly any measure they are given the forefront of attention, grace and consideration. Why would anyone suppose that these openly lewd perverts be thrust upon our society today, this time and place after all these centuries, indeed, millenniums? Because it is the final insult to Christianity and those who follow its tenets. They do it because they can. and all of it, they know, will desensitize those who see it each and every day to the abomination that it is. Pretty soon it will all seem normal as they flaunt it on the sidewalks, in the schools and in business. Hollywood has made a plethora of movies glorifying it and it is in your face nightly on your flat screen along with race mixing, another abomination to God and logic! When you race mix you are spitting on the graves of your ancestors who kept your race pure, knowingly or unknowing or was just burned into their spirit!

The colored masses we willingly brought, permitted and otherwise found themselves in our midst are acquiring more and more power as they are elected within their enclaves and districts. They have found footing and widespread support showing themselves to be more racist than the most virulent White Supremacists. As they hunker down in their new found offices, upscale houses and eateries, kibitz and make policy it is easy to see where we go from here.

The United States of America is more divided today that ever before in my lifetime of 82 years. And yes, I admit I was part and parcel to its demise by not paying that much attention until I hit my 50's. Then it became abundantly clear to me what was happening as it gathered steam, more content and more adherents'. That's when I started my mass mailings, radio and TV interviews, speeches and drinking more than I should to dim the frustration. That was bad enough but it got worse. The rest can be found on the Internet.

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