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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

When the masses are offended and gather together to protest in your cities, Washington DC or even your community they , in the end accomplish nothing

The Commie Left loves talk radio, marches and protests, to calm, violent or whatever,

The masses think that they are convincing the powers to be that they will get change or revision.

The elite look down at the dirty, unclean, uneducated worms and laugh up their collective sleeves. They will concede the most minor point to pacify the unruly dirty Kukaks and just keep on keeping on.

We live in an illusion and we, who can see what is really happening to our country are so few, so dedicated and so worried what is happening to We, The People while the vast majority are afraid of losing everything, family, friends, and suddenly come under attack by all .

I know, I was there, up close and personal..

Busloads of protesters come at a moments notice from who knows where to protest against the protestor's, by the hundreds and sometimes the thousands.

We live in an illusion thinking that we can change anything now and the here and now.

Whites are the enemy of civilization which we, single handed built, They hate we whites for it and work diligent to destroy all they we ever hold dear and true to our hearts. The devil/Satan/ is running about as fast as he can to =destroy what he hates the most. We Adamite, Hebrew,Isrealites/Caucasian/ CHOSEN and he finally has made himself known in this time we live in.

Wait for the Mark of the Beast to manifest within two years. Wait for the Temple to be built on the Dome of the Rock, Wait for the two Witnesses, Wait for the Nuking of America soon!

We now live in perilous times.

Pray with all of your heart that you are not caught up in the evil that is coming. Be vigilant to stand against the evil. Be a watchman on the wall and warn all that you know and love. We are about to be overrun by the worst evil this USA has ever seen.

Be bold, be brave and know that our Lord, God is with is of you truly believe.

May Yahweh, GOD bless and keep you , and lay His Hand upon you and give you peace!

God Bless you all!

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