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These jack booted thugs have gone the way of Ruby Ridge and Waco without the killing so far. This is a portend of the future under the current Communist regime and there will be more to come. One of my prior Blogs talks about the unelected, unseen and totally out of control so called "Intelligence" community that has taken over our government with impunity. Chris Wrey, the FBI Director literally spits in the face of our Legislative Branch when pulled up to answer questions about their activities.

If they can perform an unprecedented attack on former President Trump for something called "missing or illegal documents", raid his home, open his safe and stand guard for two days they can most assuredly do that Joe Six Pack or anyone else in the country that the Elite deems a threat to these once great United States of America, looking more like Cuba, Venezuela and European countries under Communism.

Remember this and remember it well...................Communism has evolved and taken over 45% of the worlds countries as of this date. I believe that the number is much higher. But, of course, their salivating, wide eyed goal is the USA and they are close to accomplishing that goal.

It is real, it is now and it will get much, much worse! If it isn't stopped here and now, if the sheeple still believe that we cannot do anything about it, if we cower and hunker down expecting somebody else to solve our problem, that is how the Bolsheviks took Czarist Russia 120 years ago and moved quickly to China, half of Europe and squeezed into Latin America!

Our government is corrupt through and through, They print money like there is no tomorrow (it isn't for those who spend it and will be dead before it kills the country) like drunk sailors on liberty in a foreign port! They put us in debt, with the help of the International Jewish Cartel, for trillions of dollars which can never be paid unless we abrogate the entire United States to them. By the way, the USA is a corporation, went bankrupt in the 1930's and the damn Jews own us outright anyway, We live in an illusion and everything is just high theater for we minions who pay taxes and vote to elect traitors and corrupt politicians that make the Mafia blush! And the beat goes on!

All of our government agencies are bloated, incompetent and out of control and none have been elected or have required accountability. We need to start over again by eliminating 90% of every agency, starting at the top and working down through at least 10 layers. If they have more than that they should be eliminated entirely,, period.

This includes the FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, NRO and others whose names we don't know but we can find them on the budget expenditures in any given year..

We purge the military at the highest levels of all those Officers that play a part in turning our military into so called "WOKE' or pansy ass politically correct automatons and go back to the 1950's standards of military strength and power. Screw the Generals and Admirals whom the Obama regime put into place to subvert America in every which way!

Abolish the IRS, establish term limits on every elected official (not to exceed 3 terms) cut expenditures by 50% immediately except for military and defense and let the laid off government employees have productive labor in the fields growing our crops and tending our orchards.

Gather every single illegal alien from our country and deport them to Latin America. This is easy to do regardless of the naysayers who will howl like wounded banshees but these invaders must be rounded up and be gone. This can be accomplished within 6 months. Why so long? These invaders have entrenched themselves in various parts of the country with either family, friends or others who would protect them from identity. So we will have a "purge" on everyone protecting these invaders, including businesses who use them for cheap labor. All those business managers caught with illegals will be sent to prison immediately for a mandatory term of ten years. Once this is established others will fall in line and cooperate in identifying these illegals.

The ACLU, ADL and other Lawyer firms will cry out and demand "justice" but they need to be squelched and have no, zero, zip power to stop these actions.

All public schools will cease and desist from any "Woke" CRT or LGBT agendas and revert to pre-1960 levels of education, not indoctrination. Students will never again be taught anything negative about our founders. They will be taught about Civics, History (true history), Math, Science and more. No psychobabble ever again. Teachers caught abandoning this mission will be terminated immediately. .Bloated Administrations will be reduced by 50% to start with and may get further cuts after careful scrutiny. Oh, and restore prayer in schools to the God of our nation. The foreigners from Muslim or other Cults be damned if they are offended. They all can go back to where they came from. They would be a force to contend with over time if they are true believers in their Sharia, Sunni Sects! Better now then later!

Once these are all accomplished America can, once again, be on track to be the greatest nation on earth.

The raiding of Donald Trumps. home in Florida must be a wake up call (to arms?) so that this never ever happens again. Enough is enough and it is time to take the country back by force if necessary. This rhetoric is what the Commie Left loves to hear so that they can implement Martial Law and check points everywhere to test the loyalty of we, the people to their agenda. They would love to put armed military in our neighborhoods and cities to show their power and put fear in the hearts of American citizens. Do not let this happen!

And I have only just scratched the surface!

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