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As a declared and often described White Supremacist which I proclaim and adhere to after being vilified and condemned and hated I still stand by all that that stands for!

Why? Because there is no greater and provable truth proof on this planet other than delving into the biological and other scientific proofs that exist.

I need not to go into the contributions of Whites creating civilizations, technology and an abundance of other wonderful things we enjoy because of Whites! We can look at people of color and how they thrive on hate, violence, harm and destruction just for the sake of it.

Yet, while we tried to civilize the colored masses, educate them, provide food and shelter and tried to move them into being productive and compatible with society, with the rest of us giving them every opportunity to excel and truly make something of themselves, only about 15% (and I am being generous) elevated themselves to as high or higher intelligence and productiveness more than the rest! The rest is what we see daily who loves mob rule, robs, rapes, burns, kills and hates, hates hates because it is in their DNA and Gnome. The fact is that they cannot simply help themselves! You cannot change 50,0000 years of evolving from some sort of primordial ooze ( for God couldn't have created these semi-human animals for His own pleasure, or could He?)

I am certain we will know in due time about that!

Meanwhile the evil forces (Satan?) that seem to be ruling us now are hell bent on destroying all that is great and good in and about America and they have all but accomplished their goals! We are finished with these bastards, and soon! A few of us, not that many are going to get them one way or another and it will not be pretty or nice! It will happen soon and we will not be subjugated because of vaccines, Black Lives do not Matter or ANTIFA. We will kick their asses back to ghettoes from which they love and reside and will never come out to confront us ever, again!

So every time a "mandate" come from the so-called US government just say no! RESIST, RESIST, RESIST! COVID is a lie, Fauci is a pawn of China, Biden is handled by the minute by Communists, the entire government is corrupt and has been for a century, the NWO is real and they want domination over you and your children (which they are indoctrinating every day) and you need to step up or forever be resigned to the fact that you re part of the problem, not the solution


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