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THE "EXPERTS"........or are they!?!

Experts abound everywhere. In books, magazines, texts, radio and television. Experts on medicine, diet, politics, military adventures, nutrition, science and academia. They speak with authority, eloquence and alacrity about this and that and are nearly always proven wrong with the passage of time.

Political endeavors and our new "pandemic" are the most profound recent examples of these moronic experts who have fed the media full of pap and bullshit for years. The forces of greed, avarice and outright corruption blinded the economic “experts” until the VERY DAY the bubble burst and they still had no clue. Anyone who listens to and believes an expert is a fool or stupid or, very likely both.

Experts pound away daily about Global Warming. That term became so identified with controversy and myth that the mantra was revised to “Climate Change”. Carbon and “green” have become the new operative words to shame us into believing the utter nonsense of this world wide religion. After all, what better way to motivate and control masses to a common cause short of war or an alien invasion! The money that these hoaxes promise insiders is mind boggling.

The ramifications of the Global Warming/Climate Change agenda is insidious and far reaching. Warmer = Ice melting = Seas rising = Species extinction = more arid land = fewer crops = more hunger = too much population = more carbon = well, it’s easy to see where you go from there. Carbon credits, taxes and restrictions are soon to follow making the rich, richer, the poor, poorer and, most assuredly, all will pay more for all commodities. Of course, reducing the population is an excellent way to reduce "climate change!" Rampant abortion and a Man Made virus/pandemic are perfect. Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

Experts tell us every day about the cure of cancer only needs a little more money and time. Hardly a newspaper or magazine gets published without the anguish about needing mammograms, colonoscopy’s, prostate checks, and a host of other types of “cancer”. Research money is clamored for and begged. Regular check ups are “recommended” by oncologists and other practitioners. Diagnosis and deaths are ever the same. Every reason is given for your cancer; adulterated food, environment, pesticides, genetics or lifestyle. Any and all may play a part in this malady. But one thing is certain. It is big, no, it is monstrous business for the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry.

Treatments for cancer are cost prohibitive for most without insurance and the revenue to the cancer INDUSTRY is enormous. The fact is that nearly every human being contracts “cancer” (whatever that is) at least once in their lifetime and many contract it more than once. Left undiagnosed most survive and don’t even know that they had cancer. Later autopsies of the elderly prove that this is so in a large number of individuals.

The “experts” will guide you to unnecessary testing and procedures putting you at risk for even more opportunities for exploitation. All these mechanizations derive huge amounts of revenue to the INDUSTRY while you are shepherded through the steps. Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

Experts tell us what to eat and how much. They tell us what not to eat. The food pyramid which was the Holy Grail of nutrition 50 years ago was declared a ruse. Then it came back into favor. Eggs are good. Eggs are bad. Butter is good. Butter is bad. Red meat is bad. Vegan is good. Organic is good. Hormones are bad. Milk is good. Milk is bad. Cheese is bad, cheese is good. Red wine is good. White wine is bad. Vitamins are good. Vitamins are not so good any longer. They should get FDA approval because the FDA does such a great job with our slaughter houses and pharmaceutical companies!

One “Mad Cow” will cause a whole herd to be destroyed but an HIV positive carrier can be as promiscuous as they want. E-coli, salmonella, avian flu and any other identified by “experts” cause millions of dollars of produce or meat to be destroyed. The noveau experts are sought after as modern sages on how to conduct our lives. Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

“New, scientific evidence finds that……… (fill in the one you like!)”

Red dye #4 causes (pick a malady)\

Man walked with the dinosaurs

Black holes make up the fiber of the universe

The new Cern Collider will destroy the world

An asteroid is on a collision course with the earth

Man made global warming has been proven

Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene

By 2020 Florida will be under water

Civilization started in dark Africa

- - - - etc. - - - -

- - - - etc. - - - -

Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

Human nature dictates that everyone wants, no craves, their fifteen minutes of fame. Academics must publish or perish to have any hope of credibility. They must get recognition and tenure to move forward or up. Any cause or study will do. Liars can figure but figures don’t lie, unless they are “juiced”! Once a paper is published or a funding is made to study or research a subject matter and it comes to the public eye it is taken as gospel. Once published, even if discounted or challenged by peer review the public perception is rarely altered. The first out usually sustains and debates or disputes are relegated to non-news or the backs of the academic periodicals. The “expert” had his 15 minutes and that is all that counts. He made his mark on civilization.

Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

Man makes everything complicated. Even the most mundane of things are made complicated. Reason? There is no money in simplicity. There are vast sums of money to be made in complexity. Complex things require “experts” who have licenses to protect their turf. In order to play (make money) on their turf you must learn the lingo, study the nuances of the complex nature and pass a test. Now you become a player and can make money in their game. So it is with Psychiatry, Psychology, Sociology, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Medicine ad infinitum. None of them truly know their “profession” but all claim to be “expert” while they “practice” their “profession”. They offer sage advice and perform often questionable practices extracting money from you , a little at a time. Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

Once the WAR has been staged (and staged they are) the “military” and “State Department” experts take the public eye off the ball and spew endless analysis of strategy, tactics, winning, surges, freedom, America’s security, spending, costs, self-governing and………fill in the blank! Anything but why we are really there and what little importance it is to Joe Six Pack. Poor old Joe hasn’t ever seen an Iraqi, Afghani or Al Qaeda terrorist in his town much less on his block or even attacking his house. He has, however, seen the price of his six pack go up regularly! The brouhaha is so much esoteric bullshit his mind just shuts down with all the blithering coming at him from the “experts”. Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

Civil rights, forced integration, busing, affirmative action and entitlements has resulted in more crime, dissention, racism, division and contentiousness than before as the social engineers, the experts, convinced the fools in America and the Government these were what will make America great. As if we weren’t already the greatest nation the civilized world has ever seen. It didn’t need anything but to be left alone! As a result, our schools are dangerous battlegrounds with drugs and violence, our inner cities are trashed and unsafe, we fell behind the civilized world in educating our youth, our prison population has grown ten fold, rape and mayhem is rampant and whole new culture of laziness has permeated society. Anyone who listens to an expert is fool or stupid or both.

More than 60% of Americans surveyed claim that they are Christian. Yet since the 1950’s Christian ministry’s have been silent on rampant abortion which has taken 40 million lives, pornography everywhere you look, open and notorious homosexuality condoned, failure to take corrupt politicians to task and children who rebel against all morality and parents. Drugs are available everywhere in America, most by prescription. The Church rarely takes to the streets on these issues. Televangelists reap millions of dollars preaching the prosperity message and Jesus has become Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all wrapped up into one. Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

Politicians are elected and sent to office in the hopes and expectation that they will represent the will of their constituency. Once they cross the line from common citizen to politician they become lawmakers. Therefore they must make laws and make laws they do, to the tune of more than 3500 laws per years. Each law must pass both Houses after it has been conjured, written, argued, rewritten, revised and finally passed. You must understand, however, that none of these laws are actually written by our elected. They have no time to write laws, much less read most of them. They vote from emotion or a synopsis provided by staffers.

Congress is in session averaging about 100 days of the year! Most aren’t there much of the time. They are stumping, boondoggling, visiting, vacationing, taking fact finding tours and entertaining. They are giving speeches, conniving behind closed doors to enrich their power base and pocketbooks. They receive visitors and glad hand for votes or contributions. They claim to be the guardian of Truth, Liberty and the American way of life while they preen before the cameras on CSPAN.

In any event, if they were to stay and perform the work they were elected to do they would be in session, in attendance, all 100 days per year. That’s an average of 35 laws passes each and every day in session. A Bill usually has at least 500 pages so we have reams of paper that must be written, read, analyzed, understood and agreed upon. That’s one Bill every 12 minutes of each and every working day. I will leave it to you to determine how well any of them are able to do their job based upon these facts!

The consequences of their actions rarely fulfill the ultimate goal for which they were intended. They are actually run and controlled by others who never have to be elected, are not known by name and move as ghosts from one administration to another regardless of who or what party is in office. Bow down or die as a politician until you find tenure after five terms. The agendas will move forward and everything else is smoke and mirrors to keep Americans off balance and arguing about the inane. Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

The Historical Revisionists will have you believe that our Founding Fathers were a bunch of elitist slave owners who sallied with their black negresses and begot

pickaninnies by the droves. That if they were Christians at all they were marginal Christians at best. What they won’t say in the history books is that Thomas Jefferson single handedly penned our great Declaration of Independence in 1776 which has the profound ……”We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights………”. When Jefferson was 25 years old he wrote King George III many compelling letters urging him to relax his hold on the colonies . Washington outfitted and fed the Colonial Army from his own pockets and it nearly broke him. Franklin was largely responsible for prayer at the seating of each congressional meeting as well as securing French support for our Revolution.

Nearly very signer of the Declaration of Independence was imprisoned, hanged or murdered and all of their properties seized. We don’t have any men standing in America today with the stature, vision, courage and resolve to accomplish what the Founding Fathers were able to accomplish. We have many men who sit behind word processors who have accomplished nothing of value and slander all that is true, righteous and courageous. They aren’t even men enough to live vicariously through those who might step out a little to voice their convictions. Anyone who listens to an expert is a fool or stupid or both.

Someone more famous than all those heretofore mentioned once said “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. No one today is like Diogenes, walking the night with a lantern seeking TRUTH. Too lazy, too stupid to care, which works well as long as there is food on the table and a roof over their head. When the basics are no longer available it is too late to do anything about it. After all, why defend nothing of value? Why stand up for nothing? So America is in a conundrum. Those who have are comfortable enough to be apathetic for fear of losing what they have. And lose they will if they stand against the forces that seek to destroy our country, culture and way of life. Those who are scrambling for their next meal are too busy with that to do anything.

So instead of mindlessly absorbing the pap and baloney of self proclaimed and adulated experts, get off you’re your collective derrières and seek the TRUTH yourselves. The TRUTH has a certain ring to it. Because you have been desensitized to the TRUTH through your educational system, media and pundits its spirit, nonetheless, still resides within you. The TRUTH settles in your psyche and roots itself like an oak tree. The TRUTH puts you in a place where there is longer a quest. There is no longer a need for a quest. You have arrived and have no need to go further. TRUTH is absolute in the world that tells you that there are no absolutes. There are no gray areas to fringe and taint. TRUTH cannot be denied, argued or compromised. Everything else is opinion, based solely on emotion and ignorance or foolishness and is founded upon error, lies or propaganda. Will the TRUTH set you free? Only within yourself. Your own inner peace. TRUTH is an anathema to the world.

The world will hate you when you speak the TRUTH!

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