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How to destroy a country in a few easy lessons!

Shrink the manufacturing base so there are fewer jobs available that can support a family without a second income.

Infantilize young adults so that when they finally have children it is much later in life.

Minimize the successes of the country and maximize the perceived failures, so there is less desire among the young to participate in traditional roles, like raising families.

Make abortion ubiquitous.

Blur the lines between men and women so the traditional roles of mother and father are less attractive compared to the hedonism presented by popular culture. It worked in Europe, and it seems to be working here!

CDC birth data for 2020 show that fewer babies were born, the birth rate has dropped to less than half what it was in the 1960s, and the replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman is far behind us, with the current rate of 1.6 children per woman not even close to the replacement rate.

And that is the plan.

What a perfect argument for opening the gates on our southern border! If Americans aren't having enough babies to maintain our current standard of living then we must bring in new and vibrant people who are more than willing to pump out four or five or six kids and overwhelm the welfare system revitalize our labor force.

And -- of course -- vote Democrat forever.

Observe the leftist policy wish-list from the perspective of promoting stable families, and it is insidious attack on Judaeo-Christian teaching and the traditional values that created America and its exceptionalism.

Capital gains? Tax the hell out of them so people won't build businesses. Estate taxes? Raise them to the skies, so families are unable to give the fruits of their labors to their heirs.

It goes on and on; the goal is the creation of an underclass that dominates the electorate but is dependent on government largess...exactly the antithesis of American Exceptionalism, self-sufficiency and independence.

We will end up with a sclerotic society devoid of the entrepreneurial spirit, empty of a positive vision of the future, and one that will spiral into something like Italy if we are lucky, and Venezuela if we aren't!

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