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As we all well know the United States spends billions and billions of dollars on armament, fighters, ships and foreign aid to despots to shore up regimes we like and destroy regimes we hate.

After WWII the United States emerged as the unquestionable mightiest power of the world. Even after supporting England and other Allies during WWII, activating a lend lease program for our Communist friends to help defeat Hitler’s Germany and Hirohito’s Japan we were strong financially, militarily and without peer in our aid and assistance to impoverished nations. We were confident, we were Christian without question or argument and we were safe by any standard that you could measure.

We blew our relationship with the Chinese after we liberated them from the Japanese tyranny and allowed Communism to flourish under Mao Tse Tung instead of Chiang Kai- Shek and relegated him to exile in Formosa (Taiwan today). I remember these shenanigans by our government and much much more.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Swedish Jew by the way, warned us as he left his presidency, about something called the military-industrial complex which has become known in recent times as the military-industrial-congress-complex (MICC) and how it could likely lead us into war after war and expenditures that could cripple the nation. In that sense Eisenhower was a visionary as we who have discernment and a sense of history know without a doubt! More about him later.

Korea was the first conflict that put our young men in harms way after WWII. This contrived war started in 1950 and ended in 1953 under the Truman administration. Still puffed up and savoring our victories in Europe and the South Pacific the powers to be wanted to flex even more muscle and come to the aid of South Korea who was invaded by the North, a civil war among Orientals. Of course, we had no business being there and this “war” had nothing to do with the security of these great United States.

No matter. We lost 45,000 of our youth defending a future trade partner and spent untold billons to lose half of Korea, another Communist win just as we allowed the Soviet Union to share in the spoils of Europe a few short years before. By the way, the Soviet Union never paid their debt to us for our saving their sorry asses with material, aircraft, tanks, food and money during the war against the Axis. But we Americans have selective and short memories when it comes to the things of the world and our forays into sovereign nations for profit. Better not to know or I might have to do something meaningful and intelligent in my life besides go along to get along. The Soviet Union is alive and well today contrary to popular belief!

So Korea was our first major venture and experiment with more war after WWII. Three years of belligerences capitulating to a treaty leaving everything north of the 38th parallel to the Communists and we still have more than 20,000 troops there, more than 60 years later! How are we doing boys and goyim?

Just after Korea we played in Latin America, made an aborted and lame attempt for Cuba, overthrew some presidents of sovereign nations in Africa, Latin and Central America and inflicted our very own citizenry with LSD and Syphilis and, today, Chem Trails.

Then came Viet Nam, the biggest lie in modern times which killed 56,000 of our young and untold millions of Vietnamese with carpet bombing, heavy firepower and Agent Orange. We operated out of Laos and Cambodia, off limits according to our lying government and left a billion dollars of armament when we slithered out of the jungles like a dog with a tail between our legs losing half of Vietnam and, in the end, all of it to Communism. Are you fine folks and patriots out there beginning to see a pattern here?

Next we had our puppet in Iran, the Shah, deposed to the Ayatollah Khomeini. While that was happening our embassy was overrun and were held captive for 444 days while we did nothing except a stupendously failed rescue attempt. Amerika was still licking its wounds from gross incompetence on all fronts. Still John Q Citizen, numbed by beer, , marijuana, cocaine, entertainment and sports could give a rats ass that we had taken on the image of a failed nation who seemingly couldn’t do anything right. The rest of the world saw it though and our weakness gave rise to many in the world who saw our vulnerabilities and were no longer afraid to take us on.

Oh, it wasn’t fielding major armies in the battlefield any longer, there was no need for that. They knew that our massive power could win that kind of fight, even the Soviets. No, it was going to be a kind of hit and run war, in the still of the night kind of thing. No fronts or armor or aircraft. They didn’t need those things to bend the will of the people and the greatest military machine on the planet. They only needed a few explosives, AK47’s and dedicated patriots of their own countries to show the United States a thing or two!

And why would these few thousand “radicals” or Patriots or Terrorists or Islamists want to do harm to the United States? Because we continually foray into the middle east, occupy sovereign nations and even holy ground and these people don’t like this one bit. Because their rightful perception is that we support and provide weaponry to Israel, a sworn enemy of the Arabs. So they attack us there and they attack us here. They do it sporadically, they do it with what they have and they do it with the hope and expectation that they can inflict as much damage with the least amount of resources. And they are good at it.

But, after all this is said and done, our government and the General staff still adhere to the old and dead idea that we must have a presence throughout the world to show our power, our resolve (Ha, we run after a few short years of failure) and a forward preventative notion of skirmish so as to instill that we will bring about something called freedom and democracy to nations who have no concept of either ideal. Our myopic political scientists, lawyers who are elected to Congress and Officer Corps of the military are so deluded as to think that we are protecting and preserving the American way of life. How preposterous. Doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result is the true definition of insanity. These people have learned nothing from history and cannot see beyond the actions of WWI and WWII!

These notions are archaic and borne out of a book of old and cannot work. The idea that we can change the course of history through nation building, liberations and replacing one despot for another has no value or bearing in a world that has cultures thousands of years older than ours. No amount of Internet, Ipods and Ipads available to these peoples will ever change the course of events that we try to do, at costs that will indenture us for generations to come or until we go bankrupt in the near future.

Of course, we can steal the assets of the countries that we invade, help, liberate or whatever else you want to call it. In fact, that is the only way we can continue this kind of nonsense before we go broke bowing to the bankers, the Fed, the contractors and the commitment to make materials of war ad infinitum!

Each and every F35, our newest fighter jet costs more than 130 million, each. An Aircraft Carrier is several billion. A Ballistic Missile Submarine is several billion. We are talking about serious money here folks.

Now, do I want to kill defense spending? I could reduce the budget for defense by 50% without compromising the national security of the USA or reducing forces significantly. We already have enough weaponry to destroy the world and deal with those who have a mind to harm us, a hundred times over.

The arms race is a myth, notwithstanding the Chinese move to play catch up today. The fact is, if we hung every traitor or spy who stole our secrets to sell or give to the Communists, no one could catch us for 20 years if we did nothing more in the way of new weaponry or technology! The fact is what you are able to see today is already 20 years obsolete with what we have already developed in our national laboratories, Skunk Works, University laboratories and defense contractors. We could save more than 5 trillion dollars with this philosophy and austerity. Of course, the forces that control our lives will have no part of that!

I want to relate a little about a former Marine, Major General Smedley Butler. No, he is not a relative of Pastor Richard Butler but a true national hero. No one has heard of Smedley Butler today but he wrote a booked entitled “All War Is For Profit. Listen to this mans accomplishments!

Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) Butler was an outspoken critic of U.S. military adventurism, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. During his 34-year career as a Marine, he participated in military actions in the Philippines, China, in Central America and the Caribbean during the Banana Wars, and France in World War I.

By the end of his career, he had received 16 medals, five for heroism. He is one of 19 men to twice receive the Medal of Honor, one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and the Medal of Honor, all for separate actions. In his 1935 book War is a Racket, he described the workings of the military-industrial-complex and, after retiring from service, became a popular speaker at meetings organized by veterans, pacifists and church groups in the 1930s.

Dwight Eisenhower, upon leaving the presidency in early 1960 gave his famous speech on the military-industrial-complex and the dangers that that posed for the United States. His warning has come true as evidenced by the forays we have made into sovereign nations under lies and propaganda that we were wrongfully attacked ot that we are to be the interventionists to preserve and protect freedom throughout the world, no many how many lives of our fine young men are lost to do it!

47,000 killed in Korea, 56,000 killed in Vietnam and we lost both of those countries. And tens of thousands more since then on various adventures we like to do every couple of years……………..except now we see no end in sight in the middle east sand box. I have not even counted the hundreds of thousands maimed, amputated and otherwise wounded, all for profit for the International Jew Banksters, the Zionists and big corporation interests.

Spearheading all of this folly were Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, the Bush’s (both) and Obama. Their drum beaters were McNamara, Kissenger, Gates and Allen Dallus, Rumsfelt, Wolfawitz, Penetta and others whose names are obscure. And behind them are lobbyists and Jews and Corporate interests who profit immensely under huge contracts for armament and produce at cost plus 10%.

That doesn’t mean that I am a dove or peacenik or coward. I served with honor in the United States Navy. What that does mean to me and should mean to you that we should always stand ready to defend our country from enemies without and within. It does not mean that we squander valuable resources to wage war, police actions, nation building, winning the hearts and souls of any foreign population or any other kind of incursion into foreign nations to impose our will, threaten the status quo or flex our muscle to send a message.

We bring despots and foreign military personnel who will do our bidding to the United States and train them at our military institutes and special institutions in the way of revolution and rule. They go back to their respective countries ready to perform a coup, form juntas and become powers if not the supreme rulers of their own nations in due time. For their cooperation we send millions in aid, military arms and “advisors” to guide their path on way to power.

This insanity over the last 65 years has resulted in the hatred of America and the American people throughout the world because we allow out government to continue these activities while we entertain ourselves to death, just like the circuses did in the Rome of old while our country slides into poverty, decadence and, eventually destruction. Think it can’t happen here?

Think again. Look around. There are forces who want to destroy our culture and once noble way of life and you can start with our President and work through any number of factions here and abroad. And what happens if we fail to stop them? Where will we go? Who will take us in. All land on the planet is spoken for. We must make our stand here or become slaves, imprisoned or die.

We are being conditioned to be subservient through check points at state lines, more check points a few miles on major roads from our borders, check points at the airports, cameras in every city and most buildings, especially Federal buildings. We are subjected to random stops by our paramilitary police forces for suspicion, seat belts, texting or even using our cell phones and DUI check points. Search and seizures without probable cause or signed affidavits by a sitting judge as required by law are the norm now, thanks to the Patriot Act, Presidential Directives and the state of fear the government has us in. Every day more and more constraints are being foisted on we citizens of the United States to the extent that simply accept them without a blink or whimper. It will get worse and it will get worse at a faster rate than I have observed over the last 50 years.

The Department of Defense clamors for more sophisticated weaponry costing billions of dollars when we can already blow the world to smithereens. After our forays into sovereign nations we don’t even bring out the equipment and material we used to wage war or “nation building” in those nations. We simply leave it and start over again with new contracts to these armament manufacturers. We have to move on to the next straw man demon and depose their government, put in another puppet and die for the “freedom” of people who cannot even read, have little or no education and hate us for our presence. How are we doing boys and goyim?

The National Security Council and the CIA prod and subvert and create mischief throughout the world to meet some ambiguous objectives with unintended consequences that are far reaching and incurring untold costs off budget representing billions of dollars to operate and maintain. Much of this money comes from arms trades, the drug trade sanctioned by our government and who knows what else.

The printing of money at will allows our subversive government to continue this insanity that they would never be able to do otherwise. This gives them unlimited resources with which to wage these wars or skirmishes throughout the world with our following generations to pay the bill, or not. We have been bankrupt since the 1930’s and are indentured servants, not to China or Saudi Arabia but to the International Jew Bankers starting with the Rothschild’s.

This is a fact, cannot be denied or candy coated. The Jew owns the United States, all children to be born here, everyone who works and pays taxes. The Jew gets a rake on every transaction in the United States. Unless and until we kill the Federal Reserve Board and the central banks and throw the Jew and Communists out of our nation we will continue on the same path until we are literal slaves in the likes of a third world country which we are rapidly becoming. The printing presses must stop, today. That will stop the government from squandering anymore of what’s left of our wealth and future.

As I mentioned in a prior publication we must leave the 160 Nations where our military and bases are stationed, deluding ourselves that we are winning the hearts and minds of the populous, spying and creating mischief! The costs are astronomical and we gain nothing from our presence there except more hatred from the locals. We are not winning the hearts and minds of anyone except for the little money we bring into their economy as we do duty there.

We go from the frigid to the jungles to the desert to yield to the demands of our masters. We have no say in it and all dissenters are quelled, imprisoned or shot. If not that then the media hacks make us look like radical elements and subversives when they, indeed are!

We seem to be chasing the boogey man always! Straw men enemies.

My country taught me to hate……….. Germans………Japs….Russians…….Muslims……..Christians……..everyone but the Jew (Ilearned that on my own!), the black and other peoples of color!

Communism is rampant in the world. Islam wants a theocracy and to exact Shiria on all the world.. The Jews want the monetary system and to destroy Christians. Christians are numb to all of it and want a kissy, feely peaceful world which they pray for daily and that will never happen until the return of Christ, believe that or not!

Our governments, all of them in the Western World are as corrupt as the third world countries excepting that we hide behind our education, Armani suits, Ferrigamo shoes and eloquent language to deceive the masses. And We The People who are dumbed down, entertained to death, beer and scotch swilling, think that everything is simply fine as long as our paychecks hit the bank and there is food on the table ……………………….ignorant fools who do not deserve what so many fought and died for over the last 250 years!

And with that, boys and girls, here we are again. Are we going to do anything about it? I think not.


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