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The very DHS, itself, came about as the result of a False Flag operation perpetrated on the American people and the world by the globalist traitors and their lying corporate owned enemy media.

And before DHS, all the government agencies were SEPARATE ENTITIES, each with their own departments, files, and chain of command structure. None had exacting

control over the totality of the others (for instance, the Air Force didn’t trust the Navy with EVERY secret or file, and the Army didn’t trust the CIA the same way). But after 9/11 all that changed. Every government agency was nicely folded up under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security – Politburo style. Before this nice little incestuous family was created, no DHS could have ordered the ICE agents to NOT do their jobs, as this unlawful and anti-American DHS has been doing.

But the DHS LOVES targeting American citizens – NOT illegal non-citizens. Their main job has been going after regular patriotic Americans since their beginning.

And does anyone remember the MIAC report from Missouri back in 2009? In that official report, supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and others were identified as potential dangerous “militia members,” and Missouri State law enforcement officials were notified to be on guard against them. And anyone who identified themselves as being pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, anti-Federal Reserve, Christians who believe in the return of Christ, or simply returning Iraq War veterans, were all targeted as potentially dangerous to Missouri State law enforcement personnel. After Ron Paul and others sent a letter to the governor of Missouri demanding that the report be removed and that the State of Missouri repudiate the report, and thousands of Americans all over the country became outraged, the State of Missouri did indeed remove and repudiate the report. The Obama regime’s IRS targeted patriotic Americans who held different thoughts than his regime, and his traitorous DHS targeted regular Americans like Tea Party members and returning military veterans, and anyone who didn’t think that the United States should be fundamentally transformed and anyone who held certain beliefs (like abortion is wrong, or reading the Bible and going to church was good, or owning guns was right and proper, or even that a shrinking economy and raising prices is not a good thing).

The globalists have been using the “good cop / bad cop” routine on the American people for quite some time.

The job of the Democrats is to hold the hands of the low information and non-critical thinking Americans (and the foreign nationals that they continually bring in) to pace them as they walk them down the path to a post-sovereign, post constitution global government dystopian nightmare.

The job of the Republicans is to hold the hands of the better informed and more critical thinking Americans to pace them as they walk them down the path to a post sovereign, post-constitution global government dystopian nightmare.

And the E.U.–ification of the U.S. military continues unabated. The AMERICAN military-turned- great reset Europeified military of cartoons and skittles is simply part of the continuing ending of U.S. sovereignty and the merging of the divided and demoralized Divided States of America into the post-constitutional, global dystopian nightmare world government.

So fight the Democrats (and RINOs) we must. They are the MAIN FACE of the traitors.

But it is the PERSEVERANCE of the un elected (but highly powerful and fully equipped with unlimited assets) Deep State actors who operate with virtual impunity and national authority in compartmentalized agencies that is the greatest threat to national sovereignty. These are the people who

--- operate OUTSIDE any laws or directives;

--- have virtually unlimited budgets and vast, vast networks of resources (including any military assets they deem necessary -- to include personnel from various branches and/or their specific branch's equipment and funds to operate them);

--- control the "election process";

---control the corporate owned enemy media, academia (including most scientific boards and laboratories), most foundations and think tanks, and most "elected" officials.

This is who is waging a very real WAR on the American people. Most politicians (especially Republican types) are SCARED OF THESE PEOPLE (as they KNOW who actually runs the show). And the managed take-down of the United States has been the globalists’ plan all along. This is the REALITY that we patriots must face.


The Deep State is mobilizing against us. They are now calling average moms and dads "terrorists" for not wanting to subject their children to the DESTRUCTIVE GLOBALIST PROGRAMMING being FORCED upon them.

The most important question we can ask ourselves right now is this:

What do we do when "electing" someone to office leaves these unaccountable Deep State operatives and all of their power and assets intact and in place?

Until we answer that, we're just spinning our wheels

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