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The Demorats are now where they were under the first two years of Obongo's Presidency, except far worse. They had the President, House and Senate and managed to bring about something called the Affordable Care Act which wasn't! That was probably the worst of it even with the Climate Change Agenda, Illegals crossing the sieve border and the Nig*ers that resided in the White House holding America in disdain and contempt! Ah, for the bad old days.

Now, after suffering through 8 years with the Black infested White House and our hope for a restored America under Trump it seems that it was all for naught! Four years of Trump haters, RINO's who were just as bad as Demorats, academia, media and Hollywierd spewing vitriol by the minute they finally made their move and stole the election of 2020. It is as obvious as the nose on your face except to those who follow the party line, suckle at the public teat and adore evil more than God! As it turns out Lenin was more than right......"Give me your children for one generation and we will own your country". Well, boys and goyim, they have had 3 generations processing our little darlings K through 16 and more and are now reaping the benefits of our distractions of video games, both parents (or one parent) working to make ends meet, new cars, credit cards and entertaining ourselves to death while the Commie Left and its persistency has finally paid off. If nothing else the damn Commies are persistent!

Wonder what comes next? You may be certain that they will pull out all of the stops to retain power for the next hundred years unless we finally say "enough is enough" and we kill them all! Kill them? That is the only way left for us to rid ourselves of this cancer that is killing the body of America. You will see all vestiges of Christianity removed from the public forum. You will see more and more of the Bill of Rights removed or reinterpreted. You will see illegals pouring into this country as never before. You will see strong armed thugs taking to the streets in your neighborhoods to enforce every nuance of a new rule or regulation and, God help you if they find that you are not in compliance! If we wait, the stronger they get and we may never again have a chance for We. The People too have peace and tranquility again!

Some, maybe even many will claim that if we propound violence that we are not better than they. Others will propound that Jesus is coming and He will put all things in order again. Still others proclaim that we are no more than the insects on this earth, no better than the lowliest gnat and we deserve no more than that creature that lives just long enough to procreate or be food for some higher life form. Which is yours? Does it matter? Why are we here anyway?

We, the elders, the intellect, the warriors, the fathers, brothers, sons and, yes, all males, for we were given this planet as a gift to cultivate, procreate, protect our family and nation have been sorely remiss in nearly all of our preselected duties, yes most of us! We have turned from our Father, our Creator and our Redeemer, Most of so-called Christianity (whatever that means today) sit in the pews of their happy, happy God will take care of everything, pass the plate and see you next week forgot that Yahweh God, Our Father made us, in addition to those requirements noted above, His Peculiar People, His Chosen and His Battle Axe to stand and fight against the evil in the world. Remember that a "Nation" is a race of people.

We are the true "Nation" of the remnant of Israel whether you want to believe it or not! For if we are not why do we need a Redeemer at all because we were never under the Law nor was it possible for us to sin, whatever that means to you! Moreover, the Nation of Israel was given a Bill of Divorce by Yahweh God which Jesus, The Christ came only to "Redeem" that which was divorced. Even several "Nations" in Europe know who they are by their flags and their National Anthems! Jesus is coming again whether you believe or not and He will come as the LION of JUDAH and will rule with a Rod of Iron! That doesn't sound like He went to some Evangelical sweet message Sunday School since His Resurrection! Now what?

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