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Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy has paid One American News (OAN) out of pocket to air his video showing what occurred in our election. It started at 7am this morning and will air throughout most of the day today, I hope you can catch it!

The amount of proof is overwhelming in this presentation.

OAN may not be in your area so here is a link to his video. SHARE IT FAR AND WIDE!!

Our country was attacked on election day from numerous foreign countries and that is an act of war. There are also many domestic enemies within our country that had their hand in election fraud and with the cover-up/suppression of the truth.

For people that haven't seen the proof, this will be an eye-opener!!

I just read that Twitter has blocked OAN for 11 hours due to them posting the link to this "dangerous" video.

Let's see what happens when Americans are presented with the truth.

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