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Updated: Jul 3, 2022



It is hardly a new concept, in fact many have been preparing for this precise scenario since the 1990's. Many more, however, did not see the writing on the wall (myself included) and dismissed these claims. Today, it is no longer possible to brush them aside. The events that have transpired - but especially those over the last 2 years - have painted a picture that is abundantly clear. The forces at work despise Americans, don't believe our Constitution is worth the paper it is written on and will stop at nothing to "fundamentally transform" this nation. No low is too low for them. Here are some known facts: 1) The pro-constitution forces oppose the anti-constitution forces and their efforts to shred our Constitution and install some socialist-esque mob-ruled farce in its place. 2) Pro-constitution forces fundamentally oppose efforts by anti-constitutionalists to "fundamentally transform" the United States 3) The socialists, communists, progressives and foreign interests and their minions are ruthless, remorseless fighters for their cause and will do or say anything - whether legal or otherwise - to achieve absolute power (including power over the Constitution) to achieve their goal of "fundamentally transforming the United States" The democrats and its cronies have been waging a cultural war for over 5 decades now and the principles that made her the greatest nation on Earth, truly free and prosperous. Make no mistake, this is indeed a war. A civil war. To win this civil war FOR AMERICA we first have to realize and accept that it is in fact a war! So far it has mostly been a non-shooting war, but it is war nonetheless. Pretending otherwise makes no difference, as in the end America's enemies see it as a war and are treating it as such. By continuing to deny this reality, we provide these anti-freedom-fighters with significant cover even if that isn't our goal. The reason for this is simple: we cannot win a war if we don't first realize we are in one. Whether we like it or not, this is the position they put all those on the side of the US Constitution in. Next, folks... we need to change our own thinking and actions to ensure they align with the goal of winning this war for the United States! For freedom, for the Constitution, for our people, for our President and for our beautiful Republic. The right wing has been -through words, actions and VOTES- telling these forces (which once existed only underground, during the McCarthy trials) we are reaching the upper limit of the level of BS we're willing to tolerate. Dems respond by not only ignoring these sentiments, but by doubling down on it and continuing to spew damaging and dangerous rhetoric with the expressed intention of "fundamentally transforming" the United States - our Republic - into their own nightmarish vision. There can be no misgivings... the leftists are the agitators, the provocateurs, the subversives and the violent actors. They intentionally and willfully stir up as much conflict and turmoil as they possibly can, confronting or attacking the right in public and eager to vent their virulent invented outrage/anger at our rejection of their terrible policies/ideologies and take it out on us. The left throws CONSTANT fits and immediately takes to # stirring at the slightest hint of resistance to their plot against America. The right, however, tend to take a more measured approach, avoids conflict or escalation and generally "keep our powder dry" mentality. See the Kavanaugh hearing or Russia hoax investigation - anybody remember the individuals beating on the doors to the Senate floor? In any case, we have been trying to tell them enough is enough. We've spoken, we've yelled, we've went on television, we've formed movements and tea parties and protested. We've passed laws and even elected President Donald Trump to the WH - all in an effort to reject the left, their message and their ideology. And even that wasn't enough. They've attacked us personally, attacked our electors, claimed our President was illegitimate, claimed our motives were "racistsexistXist" and did everything in their power to subvert this President. They've taken to the streets, they've opened fire on our congressmen, they've rioted, looted, burned buildings down and openly speak of instigating civil war. Who was it that said "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable"? I believe it was JFK and he was spot on. Well, electing Trump was our peaceful revolution at the ballot box. Obviously conservatives will never start such a conflict, but it is important we be aware, alert and advised of the fact that war is already here - at our doorsteps, in our backyards and elsewhere. Whether we like it or not, these forces have sought us out specifically because we are the only impediment between them and the Constitution they so desperately want to shred. This is not a call to arms. Far from it. It is a call to situational awareness, common-sense preparations and above all else... a heightened defensive posture. And although this very message has been in the news over the past 2 years (Google News search for "new civil war" and you'll see), I'm sure this won't be a very popular topic. But I really do not care. This has to be said and the right needs to wake up and smell the coffee brewing. The writing is on the wall folks, and I only hope our Executive branch acts before these forces are fully prepared and in a position to strike the fatal death-blow to our Constitution and proud nation. Make no mistake about it, this is their desired end goal. A government not constrained by the Constitution is their goal. A legislature not restricted in scope is their goal. A nation where tyranny reigns, where the free are oppressed and where the successful are punished for being successful is their goal. In short, a nation with no Constitution and no Constitution-defenders is their goal. The presence of above-ground socialist/communist agitators makes this much apparent. What they are advocating (socialism/communism/fundamental transformation) is expressly illegal under Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution.

Why is it hard for people around the world to understand that the USA is not trying to dictate things but, rather fighting for world peace, freedom, security and stability?

The US has overthrown over 50 governments (many democratically elected) since 1945. It has invaded dozens of nations (illegally since they had no UN authority). Nations like Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, Panama were destroyed, killing millions of innocent civilians.

It has trained thousands of the worst torturers, death squads, propped up the very worst dictators, directly massacred 100s of thousand of peasants, union leaders, politicians, in the process.

After 1945 the US picked up 100s of the leading Nazi & Japanese war criminals, gave them new identities & put them to work.

I could go on & on. I know of NO example of the US doing ANY of the good things you mention. It is always to get resources like oil, or to destroy popular movements that are independent of the US imperial system.

It has blocked peace efforts in Korea, Israel, as it did in Vietnam, S.Africa etc. etc.

The fact that you have been taught to believe the ridiculous propaganda is incredible especially since all that I have stated has been openly admitted over & over by the government in state documents, congressional reports take e.g. The Church Report 1975.

Most of the PEOPLE of the US want to promote peace & security & freedom but the elites who run the US have the opposite aims. They want to enrich themselves, control the world & stop any small nation from running their own countries for the good of their own citizens.

Read about the million + Iraqi children killed by the ruthless sanctions from 1990-2003 where food, medicines, clean water, power, were denied to these poor innocent people just because The USA's favorite dictator Saddam Hussein got out of their control & invaded Kuwait.

Take the current pretended outrage at Assad killing his own people in Syria. Why no similar outrage at Saudi destruction of Yemen?

It's not hard to find the truth but it is very hard to admit you have been duped. I used to think like you. If you want to help the world you have to ignore the propaganda & find out the truth.

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