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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

First, the Jews (yes the Jews) brought the Negro in their slave ships and brokered them all over the Americas. We said nothing but still only 20% of plantation owners used them for sweat labor!

Then we stood by while the Jew instigated the Civil War killing 400,000 of our young and fittest Whites in America! Northern Jew Carpetbaggers went into the defunct Confederacy and exploited the downtrodden with shoddy and defective products and we still said nothing!

Little known is the fact that the International Jew Bankers loan to both sides of any conflict because they will will get tangible assets in return regardless of who wins or loses. We said nothing again!

Then we allowed the Jews to create something called the Federal Reserve Board which wasn't Federal at all but allowed them to take over the currency of the United States of America. Again we said nothing!

Then the Jews put the country into Bankruptcy called the Great Depression and took us off of the Gold Standard and traded it for fiat paper and we still said nothing!

Then the Jews sent us to another war (two wars actually, WWI and WWII) for profit and their most delicious of all desires, the death of the copious number of Whites!

After that the Jews started the Anti Defamation League (ADL), NAACP, SPLC and ACLU to quell all truth about the Jew by claiming White Supremacy and First Amendment violations. Far worse and more egregious is their constant support of and encouraging abortions, the literal killing of the unborn. Later and far more evil was promoting the murder of the nearly born and new born babies!

Today, the Jew has infiltrated our government thoroughly, our entire banking system, the medical profession, the legal system and Hollywood, their finest propaganda machine and exploitation of White women! We murmured but not too much for fear of vilification!

And now we sit by complacently while they encroach into our liberties using surrogates like ANTIFA and BLM like they ever cared about the Blacks except as useful idiots! They have the ear of the powers that be to censor, accuse, arrest, intimidate and jail those who speak out against these evil forces! Next they will manage the thugs that come into our neighborhoods to enforce the new edicts, rules and regulations that the new regime in Washington demand. Your State Government will add to that those with their own!

We shot ourselves in the foot!

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