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ZOG, or Zionist Occupied Government for the uninformed has manifested itself in fine form these last few years! First, whoever or whatever resides in that sandbox in the Middle East called Israel has no true Israelites from old residing there. Not their descendants, not their kin and kith and unlikely any mixed blood Israelites. Who then are these 8 million or so that live in Israel? Who then are the remainder of 10 million or so that reside around the world outside of Israel? My personal opinion is that there are more than 100 million of these people called JEWS residing worldwide.

Jews? These people to a person are descendant of the Khazars, ancient Turkey and surrounding area stock. By their own writings, encyclopedias and teachings they are also descendants of Esau/Edom/Kenites and Canaanites of the Bible. They took on the attributes of the Learned Elders that Jesus so hated in His day but are distinguished by a number of other factors.

  1. A hooked or very large nose is easily recognizable on many. Bill Maher, Barbara Striesand, Jerry Seinfelt and other too many to name here!

  2. Their stock gravitates to the making of or trading commodities to make money. They are natural merchants, bankers, brokers and overseers of money in any number of forms. They will not, ever, be found working in sweat labor jobs or getting their hands dirty to earn money!

  3. They are bright, write beautiful music, entertain us in theater, movies and TV, again never getting their hands dirty.

  4. They promote homosexuality, multiculturalism, Diversity and every other 'ism that divides us. This they are master of beyond any other.

  5. They brokered the Blacks and owned the slave ships that brought them to the Western World and then fometed the anger and agitated them to take from we Whites.

  6. They own or control virtually every media outlet and type, from newspapers, magazines, book publishing, social media and more to control the narrative and sway the population to think "Jewish" more often than not.

  7. Representing less than 2% of the population of the USA they control the medical profession, the legal profession and nearly all higher education.

  8. As small a number as they are they are on the Supreme Court, Congress and the annals of city politics and unions.

  9. Their minds are so corrupted (or incapable of denying the fact they are not Israelites) that they themselves call themselves Jews, wherever they are found, unless they are hiding their identity by taking on a name from the culture where they are living. Many Jew in America Anglicize their name to gain a more favorable acceptance within their community.

This begs the question "how can so few of a people control so much of our daily lives?" Easy, they have a plan and purpose and have had for thousands of years while we Caucasians work on 3 or 5 year plans in most of our thinking and actions. As a people who have created and built the greatest civilizations that ever was how did we succumb to these "parasites" that thrive off of our productivity, strength and innovation? We simply were not paying attention until the likes of Jesus, the Christ came along, or Hitler, or Joseph McCarthy, or George Lincoln Rockwell, or Charles Lindbergh! I could name more but it wouldn't make my point any clearer.

Now we get to the nitty gritty, finally! If these people called "JEWS" are not descendants of the Israelites of old then who is? The data is incontrovertible and has been lost for centuries. Extant books and writings aside from the Bible clearly tell us who these Israelites are now, in our world today. We Whites (Caucasians) of the earth are the progeny of the Israelites, specifically the children of the Patriarchs of the Bible, mostly the so called Northern Kingdom of Israel that went north en mass starting in 700 BC and again in 500 BC. Proof? First, you can go to my videos on You Tube (many have been removed by censors) which explains much of what is factual. Other than that you can Email me at and I will forward all the proof that you will need to convince yourselves!

The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" by Madsen will enlighten you as to the plan and purpose of the Jews for more than a century. It is nothing that you would voluntarily accept and, in fact, would probably kill as many of them as you could!

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